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  1. In WvW, Tactical Reload looks good on paper but I don't think it will be used that often if you are setting your traits planning on getting to zero more often to gain more advantages from middle trait abilities. Would either cut the cooldown from 60 to 30 or have it do additional abilities or increase the amount of ammo it returns.
  2. WvW mode. The drain on flow while not in combat combined with the locked in place while charging up feels double punishing in WvW. Think it might be better that you do have a tell while you are charging that could be countered but allow the player to still move while charging. That would create more skillful game play as you would need to be positioning to where you need to be as you charge up. In PvE I could see the lock in place if you are going to get crazy numbers but not in a WvW setting. Also as seen above some, agree, abilities that allow a player to fill adrenaline in core lines should
  3. Bladesworn needs love in WvW. In WvW/sPvP for pistol, what about: Gunstinger - move to range 900 so it can gap close Dragon's Roar - move to 900 and add pierce That way gameplay would be gap closer with 4, loose a volley at enemy and then you are in melee range for your main hand. If target starts to get away you can gap close again if they haven't gotten to far away. The pierce idea is when you are in group or zerg play, the pierce would allow the Bladesworn to have both a single target in main hand but still provide group fire support by closing and then hitting a target deep
  4. Going with assumption that its a bug that when trait Death Drop GM trait in WvW. You mount up with full endurance but when you dismount you have to refill your endurance bar since its lost that extra 50 endurance while mounted so you can't immediately dodge after dismounting. If you mount up with full endurance, you should have full again once dismounted.
  5. Agree it's a bit over tuned down in PvP modes so far in testing.
  6. In competitive modes like WvW could see the damage increased since it has such a big tell already and is easy to dodge, get out of.
  7. Will drop other feedback later. But wouldn't the Spear Elite make more sense to apply either a long chill or a longish poison over torment? Coming at this from the WvW/sPvP side of it. It's more of a power build but at least those two condi's seem to make more since and would have more impact on gameplay, especially after the nerf torment took in player versus player style game plays.
  8. As one of those server first/pride peeps, like it. But agree can see it later as there are fish to fry now. But like the idea. Will also be interested though when we get assigned to the new 'Blue Monkey Purple Banana' shard.
  9. Let me start by saying I am not saying all tacts, but key ones so that might be the differences here. EWP is the main one. Now coding for local ones I might see as well like local map chat for CF or ASD to help alert your side trouble is up, but EWP crosses maps. I don't think ANet shares ban information today, and I don't think that if the software feature did this is would be a considered naming and shaming since it would be a game feature. If anything this would be more related to one player saying something to another in team's chat which happens all the time. So not sure if an
  10. Trolls like to know they have trolled people, they don't like that its know that they are known. And yes it also gives more merit when they are reported for ANet to check into the activity and take account action since it probably does fall under ToS. Please even if it didn't impact for trolling its still a good QoL since it handles the team reporting so people can get the message about things like EWP. Not saying this would be for all tactavatiers but for certain ones, example EWP.
  11. I admit I didn't see or known about the interview at the time and will need to look into it. Am hoping they have a more detailed blog before we go into the Alliance part of the beta which isn't this week's one, but a future one. That would help in providing feedback on what was seen in game during these tests. Hoping their system has both factors for time played and potentially for total head count. The weakness in a pure hours played on average system is that going that route means there are more potential bodies to call on that might have flex time that can be spent when needed. The weakness
  12. ^^^^^ This. It's been suggested in the past and is a really good one. And would both assist in addressing trolling and be a two-fer since it would also be a quality of life item.
  13. That or find a causal guild that does WvW on a structured basis. If you do find an entire Alliance that just does dailies, would love to see how ANets new metrics rate them when creating the shards.
  14. Think of it more as there are other in game activities and they are adding more carrots into the mix since the events they are linked to might be disruptive but they need people play testing so they can get metrics. The events are incentives to people that might be less inclined in helping out those in game beta events but might be drawn in with the extra benefits. And to say thanks for the people that are running around in game to try and test the new options.
  15. Not trolling mind you, they should add Warclaw, gliding, WxP and bring the map over as another WvW map so its part of weekly scoring. The original intent for EoTM was to be an overflow while people couldn't get into the maps. With Alliances we shouldn't have queues if everything works out since we should have enough shards to cover everyone getting reasonable map loads. Note a lot of 'ifs' there but go big or go home. We have needed new maps and we have a map people would play but won't since it's not really part of the game mode due to its original intent. Now granted I think there were a lot
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