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  1. Can you share your matchup stats? The one I am in is within reason but players can not see others matchups and not sure if sites like gw2stats.com is getting good numbers.
  2. 100% agree, its needs to be in the algorithm. I just don't want people to think it is part of the equation while they say it was not. I actually wish that the different regions could share servers to help balance the 24 hr clock or even a system that could take score from the various server groups and mix them to balance the coverage. But as it is, the groups that account for their own coverage time will become the new top tier 'shards'/servers simply via organization. I am not saying that is bad, as a roamer/havoc I am just seeing that as a 'thing' that will occur with the system.
  3. Saw one of those last night and face some during normal matchups. These can be issues but if those large groups only have one main driver, as soon as that person logged the group vanished and that side was suddenly at a loss. But that has always been a potential negative of the system, and don't get me wrong I am on the server side but we have to accept that Alliances are the direction so its better to start to find a home for yourself, havoc, warband or zerg. Or get ready to meet a lot of new people and be ready to find ones you enjoy playing with. Mega guilds will be an issue but they can be
  4. To be fair, they did say they weren't going to be target that attribute for launch but admitted they were looking into options. Coverage wars will still need to be covered by the Alliances and I suspect it will make the differences in the more organized ones as they try and recruit groups to cover more time zones. But again this wasn't even an Alliance test.
  5. Don't know why it happens but ran into this in the previous betas as well as this one. If you have the gold lock icon, go to the tab that allow you to select your wvw guild, you don't have to do anything there if you have already selected your guild, just open it and then got back to the tab where you select what map you are going to and the lockout should be gone. Again don't know why it works but it did for our members and myself whenever they had this issue.
  6. No options should ever be removed from WvW, this isn't sPvP and its not a 5v5 fight. If anything we need more options in WvW and not less. You can't predict 50v50v50 and there are no options for balancing. No removing builds from WvW is a mistake since different people will play in different size fights.
  7. I used 3 as a simple example, wouldn't read more into it. Again I think the Alliance system will favor those that organize since they will ensure they not only have people but the more organized will also make sure they have coverage. I don't think everyone will get there in the beginning but those Alliances that do will have higher odds of raising up in ranks.
  8. Personally like the Logitech G604. Prefer the G602 which was the older model since it seems to have a higher quality top buttons durability but the design is the same. Since you get 11 buttons to map and more if you map to the ALT+button combos you can just about map everything to about one hand. Comfortable design, wireless with a pretty good battery life at a decent price. As I said only complaint I have is have worn out the left button a couple of times so if getting from somewhere like a Best Buy get the added warranty if you put a lot of hours into gaming.
  9. lol, this sounds like a challenge. 🙂 All joking a side good PSA, not a bad time for people to give a shout out in game teams chat as well in WvW. That said, ANet should have this pop up in as a in game mail though like they do holidays. People will say they didn't see it but has better odds of alerting then do notes just on the website or forums. A popup in the login splash page wouldn't hurt either.
  10. This is the same point some of us have been trying to make about outnumbered. Its not about helping pip hunters, its about supporting those still trying to fight it out while outnumbered against the odds. Its not about people in spawn but those actually playing. Personally as said before you want to award for the team effort but in an ideal system also award for the individual effort. Put aside the farmers/people gaming the system for minute and focus on how to make the active player base feel more rewarded by whatever means for their active time in game. People love to chase numbers and time
  11. Actually I like fighting BG. Not on BG so don't take it as a plug but each time my server has had to face them enjoy the time. Personally when we have been paired against its meant a variety of fights from zerg to warband to havoc and roamer. BG has a mix of all and as a roamer/havoc player its a good time since you can avoid any zergs but still find other size fights. But that's my own experience, your mileage might vary. And I don't think alliances will fix this, may actually make it worse since we may end up with 3 BGs if people organize. Now it also may mean those 3 BG fighting themselves
  12. I admit I disagree. The new system shouldn't be launched until the alliance bit is worked out. How the alliance tools are made to manage the alliance may impact how and who people ally with. Depends on each own's experience of other games' alliance systems and how it impacts gameplay. But could see how it could impact gameplay since it could vastly impact the match making and balance of server/shard as well. So no I don't we should launch until they can test layering in the sides considering alliances on top of the guild balancing.
  13. As said a few weeks ago, not opposed, create a vendor that allows some exchange of Gift of Battle with the other gifts of Exploration or Maguuma or whatever new one comes out. Make the ratio something that makes sense for time spent. To PvErs that don't like WvW seems to take a while, its the same for WvW players that don't like to do that much PvE. Vendor exchange could work, you could even make the ration a bit more depending on the side trying to exchange. Example if its GoE for GoB then they get less GoBs for a GoE, if its the other way it costs more GoBs for a GoE or a GoM.
  14. Good hunting to all in the new year and may we all have fun in our matchups! Cya out there.
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