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WvW Roaming: Hybrid Dragonhunter


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The build

Why choose Dragonhunter?

I think Dragonhunter is the best Guardian spec to try a hybrid build with because the DH line gives decent damage modifiers. Since hybrid builds will have lower power than pure power builds, we use these modifiers for extra juice.


Zeal: 3 3 1

While Radiance offers good traits for burning (see: Amplified Wrath), Zealous Scepter is the primary reason for picking the Zeal line. Radiance doesn't give you might generation if you take Amplified Wrath. With Zealous Scepter, you passively gain might stack by attacking, and the minor trait Symbolic Power grants you even more might generation.

Kindled Zeal is taken because the other major traits don't have synergy with the build.Eternal Armory is the same; the other options don't bring much value in WvW, and taking Eternal Armory means Sword of Justice becomes a better skill.

Virtues: 2 3 1

There's a lot of freedom in what you choose in the Virtues line. The only mandatory trait is Permeating Wrath.

Shield of Courage grants you Aegis and blocks attacks in front of you. So taking Unscathed Contender is viable if you want to maximize your burst. Retaliatory Subconscious is the safer option.

Inspiring Virtues works best if you take Unscathed Contender. Just more damage modifiers when popping Shield of Courage.

As for Glacial Heart or Absolute Resolution, it comes down to your preference (and what you take in DH). One gives Chill, a cover condition and helps you kite, and the other gives you an additional 3 condition cleanse on F2.

Dragonhunter: 2 2 1

Dulled Senses vs. Soaring Devastation. The reason why I don't take Soaring Devastation is that I value consistent movement speed over the option of taking runes other than Traveler's (and since this is a hybrid build, Traveler's Runes are pretty great). Also, you often use F2 to create space, not jump into enemies, so the active part seems wasteful. Dulled Senses gives you a cripple on Shield 5, so if you take Glacial Heart and Dulled Senses, you apply two cover conditions. Unfortunately, they don't stack in movement speed debuff.

Zealot's Aggression is another damage modifier, and you'll always apply cripple with F1 passive + Sword of Justice. Extra pump.

All 3 Grandmaster traits are viable. Hunter's Fortification gives you condi cleanse when you block (my preferred option given current condition heavy roaming builds). Heavy Light gives you access to Stability (my least preferred, since one stack of Stability doesn't mean much).

Big Game Hunter can be taken since it will give you a big burst when you cast F1. You might think, "Burn guardian activating F1? That makes no sense". But, the cooldown on DH F1 is much shorter compared to other Guardian specs because of Defender's Dogma. Every time you block, the CD of F1 goes down by 1 sec, and you have multiple block skills.

Weapons & Utilities

Scepter & Focus

This is the weapon set you camp.

Sword & Shield

More utility based than DPS. Sword 2 is your only access to fury and is a teleport. Sword 3 can function as a defense against ranged attacks or stack multiple F1 burns.

Utilities: Shelter | Sword of Justice | Judge's Intervention | Contemplation of Purity | Renewed Focus

Shelter has a 2 sec block that works well with Hunter's Fortification. Litany of Wrath is too inconsistent when not using Valor. Trap heals more, but suffers the same inconsistency issue. It is a bit sad when Shelter is the best Guardian heal skill.

Sword of Justice hits multiple times, applies cripple, vuln, and burning, and is ranged.

Judge's Intervention is my favorite skill. A 1200 range instant teleport that applies burning and breaks stun. You can use it to add more firepower or use it as an escape.

Contemplation of Purity is the strongest Guardian utility skill. Condi conversion and a stunbreak on a 40 sec CD (untraited).

Renewed Focus (i.e. all other Guardian elite skills are no good).


Weapons & Sigils

Grieving is a great stat distribution for hybrid builds. Power/Condi/Precision/Ferocity. Hits all the checkmarks.

For sigils, the safest option is to run double energy/cleansing sigils. These two sigils are really good. If you don't want to run these sigils, you can use the permanent bonus sigils (preferably condition damage) or condition on swap sigils for extra cover conditions.

Armor & Runes

Celestial and Traveler's Runes. The only wasted stat in Celestial is Healing power. Traveler's Runes for boon & condi duration plus movement speed. There is zero access to swiftness/superspeed in this build (a big shortcoming, but what can you do, Guardians aren't known for being speedy).

If you don't care for movement speed, Antitoxin or Durability are good. Balthazar on paper looks good, but in reality, not so much.


Trailblazers/Grieving/Dire+Rabid. Mix and match based on your preference. Keep in mind that the build isn't about bursting someone in 2 seconds. It's more about the consistent and frequent application of damage + burning.


Scepter 3>Sword of Justice>Scepter 2>1>1>1The go-to rotation.

Most damage rotation with Unscathed ContenderSword 2 (stand on the symbol) > Spear of Justice > Focus 4 > Shield of Courage > Focus 5 > Scepter 3 > SoJ > Scepter 2 > 1 > 1 > Judge's Intervention (timed with Focus 5 explosion)Not a big fan of blowing all your cooldowns, but this will 100>0 someone not paying attention.

Difficult matchups

Mallyx HeraldJust a better build. More mobility, sustain, and damage.

Condi MesmersNot a fun fight. Frequency and abundance of different conditions, while Guardians only have burning.

ScrappersSay condition removal 10 times fast.

Rangers and WarriorsNot really a hard match-up, but watch out as they can remove immobilize easily.

Let me know what you think!

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