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PvP client issues

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Hey All,

Now I havent been PvPing much lately (used to a lot years back) so today I started my placements with a buddy of mine. There was 1 match where our clients crashed at the exact same time as we were about to load the 3v3 map. There were also a couple others mentioned they crashed as well. When we logged in, it stated there was a match in progress but were not able to get into it. Luckily this didnt count as a loss or anything for us. few matches later my (and mine only) crashed again, similar issue (this time during a match...a tiebreaker at that). Logged in and there were a couple stating theirs crashed as well (my buddy did not crash) and still showed match in progress but couldnt re join

Now...years ago this (and the toxicity) bugged me to the point I left PvP and joined WvW, now I am looking to "co-main" game modes, however not if these issues are still normal.

That being said, are these issues still normal in PvP?

Edit: After checking gw2effenciency, the last fight counted as a loss for me which isnt fair.

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