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Dear Developers, Thank you for the do-able meta in Drizzlewood.

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I had made a thread previously complaining about the daunting meta in "Visions of the Past," of which I am still stuck at 22/27 and I have no plans to grind it out any further. The meta in "No Quarter" though is entirely do-able in a number of days for an old veteran player like me. I'm not sure if you guys at ANET listened or not, but thanks for that. I feel like I enjoyed the new content a lot more with goals within reach. Plays Dead

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Same here. 4x 5000 of this charr thingies (you can buy them for much gold from the NPC over some time, sure), plus 50x the strike mission. And TWO complete weapon sets. Are you kidding us?

And this bonus mission achievements, just for glory and no AP? Pffft.

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One thing I really liked about the reward structure of Drizzlewood/No Quarter is how nearly all of the unique rewards have multiple paths of acquisition. The Bear armor? Do the strike 50 times and you'll get all 4 pieces. (It's also a rare drop from the strike itself.) If you don't like doing strikes, you can also get two pieces for free via PvP/WvW reward tracks, and buy the missing pieces off the TP.

Minis? All tradable. Armor pieces? Tradable, and they also have chances to drop from various chests. The two unique weapon skins aren't tradable, but you can choose them from the final Legion chests at the end of the Glory achieves if you really have no luck getting them to drop whatsoever. The Stormcaller and Tengu weapon skins can be acquired from PvP/WvW reward tracks, crafted by yourself, or purchased off the TP if you don't want to go through the bother personally (which in turn means that crafters and map farmers have a new source of profit, which in turn also stimulates demand for base materials).

All in all, I think the reward structure for the latest release is damn near perfect, and it should be used as a template to follow going forward.

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