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Using Sunspear Paragon Support causes everyone to log out of map to character select.

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As per the title using Sunspear Paragon Support in the Domain of Istan crashes the map instance and causes all player to be logged out to character select. Not only that but it causes a mini rollback. Myself and my guildmate were completing the Lost to Time achievement to collect Sunspear Caches. We got the last one to complete. Someone appears to have clicked a Sunspear Paragon support and it caused the log out.

When we got back in we were at different Waypoints. The achievement hadn't been completed and the last Sunspear Cache was back where it was waiting to be looted again.

Obviously a game breaking issue and causing a lot of problems to players. Quite a few people have apparently reported in game too.

Edit - apparently using the Sunspear Paragon Support in any zone can do the same - causes everyone to be logged out.

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