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LF friends with discord and mic 18+

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@"Yevganiiy.4839" said:im a semi new / returning player looking for friend who want to qwest do dungeons ect. i have discord and mic im 24 years old. None of my old friend play this game anymore thats why im looking that you for you time ! my discord is Yevganiiy#2131

Post here instead: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/categories/looking-for-guild

It is the right place to find a group of people or guild to play with.

Add also info about if you have all expansions or lack some and to what degree you have Living World seasons. Don't forget that Living World also unlocks parts of map as you continue story content, so some info about how far you are into that can also be helpful for searching for a guild.

Which time zone and on which game region do you belong for EU or NA?


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