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Malchor's Leap, Cursed Shore, Straits of Devastation (Orr) - Events Not Respawning

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For roughly two weeks I have been spawning in at the Temple of Dwayna. Every time it is "pact controlled." I have heard both heard frequent complaints of events not respawning and escorts being bugged and personally witnessed some strange behavior throughout Orr for the same two weeks.

I need to complete the Temple of Dwayna event to progress my Astralaria T4 collection.

Thanks in advance for any time and consideration you may devote to solving my problem.

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Just adding my experiences to this in the hopes it might get looked at.I have managed to do all the temple missions today with the exception of Lyssa.

The 'Escort troops to the Eastern Colonnade camp' event seems to be stuck at the portal. I have checked back several times today and in different map instances and this always seems to be the same. Its halting my progress with the 'Tyrian Service Medal' achievement

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