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Stone Cannon and other IBS skins


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I noticed this Stone Cannon skin in the wardrobe but I checked the wiki and it looked like it was unobtainable.

There are so many skins that I feel like I'll never get this season due to rng and it's really disappointing. The Khan-Ur mask is 4k on the trading post. Why? Why is one of the few skins released during an episode so rare that it's worth 4k gold on the trading post? (Might be a little less than that but still insane.)

I hadn't gotten the Ice Golemn helm after multiple weekly strike mission chests, map chests, meta events, etc. I wound up buying it from the Trading Post because it was only 1g so I guess my luck is just really bad and it seemingly dropped for everyone else so readily that people were selling it for 1g?

Anyway, really not liking all of these skins being locked behind luck and I'd really love the stone cannon rifle skin but I'm guessing it isn't even obtainable?

I don't do the strike mission 3 crystal chest unlock religiously, but I've done it probably 5 times and I think the only item I got outside of a few unidentified gear was a bear ceremonial armor choice? MAYBE a raven armor chest?

Drizzlewood seemed to be a bit better as I've gotten several of the Charr masks and bought a helmet pretty cheap, but can we drop this model moving forward in future episodes and stop locking these skins behind drops? Feels like kind of a waste of developer time making all of these skins for only a few number of people to actually get them. If you want people to replay the episodes and work towards them, maybe add them as a guaranteed currency exchange for strike mission crystals or something?

Really hoping they add a reasonable obtainment method for this stone cannon skin though. Call me a size queen but I love ridiculously oversized weapons in mmo's.

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@"cptaylor.2670" said:

@Makuragee.3058 said:I dont think this skin will never be obtainable at all, there actually a lot of skin that art made to be wear. At the best it could be a new skin for the engineer mortar.

But are those skins previewable in the wardrobe? Because I could understand that if it wasn't.

Frome time to time some NPC- or environmental weapons find a way into the wardrobe by mistake and may be removed later (e.g. the staffs the Whisper of Jormag uses are also found in the wardrobe under weapons -> large bundles).Most times you can recognize such skins, because they are stowed, hold, or scale in strange ways. In the case of the Stone Summit Cannon, it's stowed and carried the wrong way for a normal rifle skin.

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