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Shortbows Crossfire Bleeding Values

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Hi guys im currently playing a condition build shortbow/axe and torch ranger and im confused about 'crossfire' skills damage values as their not explained properly.

I understand in most situations i do more damage from the rear/flank, which is made very obvious on skills like 'poison volley' where it shows the seperate damage for a rear/flank attack in blue below the original damage for the attack.

On 'crossfire' however, it shows a bleeding damage value under the damage value, in my instance, Bleeding (8, 1/2 sec, 688 damage) in blue, and then Bleeding (2, 1/2 sec, 207 damage) below it in white.Is the top one the normal bleed damage of 688 and is the other 207 damage additional damage if it hits from behind/flank?

or is it the other way around, and the blue 688 bleed damage is the additional damage from rear/flank bonus?

Thanks peeps!

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If you're talking about skill Tooltips, blue means the value is being modified by, or is sourced from, a Trait. Theres quirk of the UI where modified values that are active conditional (as in only active under specific combat conditions) will show white until the triggers are active. In the case of CrossFire, its also has an internal modifier where flanking changes what effects are applied. So what I believe is happening is the Blue value is the base value, and being modified by Hidden_Barbs. The white value is the inactive conditional (and only goes active when an impact on flank occurs), and thus not receiving trait benefits.

if you're talking about the Combat log.... that thing is notorious inconsistent with secondary conditionals, and doesn't show "everything" the game is doing.

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