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  1. Except it was a full time position. MMO Economies are notoriously volatile due player tendency to hyper optimize, combined with most of the player base being focused in few areas at a time. If not very carefully tuned, hyper inflation and over saturation are inevitable outcomes. Many dev teams tend to give up and overcompensate in sinks, before just resetting the slate every major release. Ascended and legendary gear tried to recycle existing materials that saw little to no use. Especially mid tier mats. They then paired it with another gating mechanism to slow players down. This self balanced over time, since you could farm everything except leather with targeted effort. Compare that to research notes that are indiscriminate, and not time gated. This lead to a frenzy of sinking out the market, despite the things you buy them with were time gated instead. It did this by demanding insane amounts of notes, even though its framed as salvaging things you were meant to craft first. This was a bad system, and its their long term solution very akin to other MMOs do once and forget scheme. Gods help us if they make a new version of research notes to do it again for a new set of items.
  2. Super Legendary infused gear that you will need to access the super exclusive Mist zone map to kill the last two trapped gods of Tyria, and then ascend to godhood. AlThe reward for which is custom guild hall housing that is the seat of power, and you spend the rest of time watching all the mortals do mortal thing from your mist realm. And then players will try to raid it, and you defend it by building a maze and then fighting then in person.
  3. //For the love god DO NOT UNCOMMENT. This code is bad and breaks everything. A real comment in an AI system code that couldn’t figure out how fix on the spot.
  4. Newbie: How do I get X? Map chat: You get them with Y. Newbie: I don’t see that. You are a troll!! Blocked!!!
  5. Morgan Freeman should voice all the dialog like an audio book. Good in theory. But would it be good in practice? Plus if we’re giving out work based on fame and range, then Matt Mercer should do a whole story arc voicing all the characters.
  6. But how big a percentage of open world players actually use the QOL feature on the regular? The answer is not very big. Most players will not change builds 3 or more times a day to react to a changing battle field. I imagine its still at least 30% that have ascd gear, but not a coherent build. Legendary armor doesn’t alleviate that, so the justification is still the weakest. And its pretty hard to get lower than Legendary PVP armor, since that mode doesn’t even use armor slots.
  7. But how does a 4 ft tall gremlin fit in armor made for a bear sized human? Its basically required for them to remake the armor for human to non-human, and visa versa. If they do that, they’re just gonna sell it as an outfit. Plus they’ll look different from the reference model.
  8. Now now….. if he wants to play hardcore difficulty, thats ok. Ok until they start dragging the rest of us into it, due to lack comprehension.
  9. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ec_g-hGWAAEP2YQ.jpg Prepare to leave a pile of caltrops. Preparing to leave a pile of caltrops, sir!
  10. I just miss the bug that made the damage bonus multiplicative instead of a binary tag. Watching world bosses melt was something to behold.
  11. This is why so many eyeballed weapons become sociopaths. Have you seen Eye of Rodgort? its a chronic tweaker.
  12. The sink did its job. You should be blaming the farmers who are too lazy to farm new supply, despite the massive uptick in price.
  13. The short version is that meta builds specifically count the absolute lowest number needed to get Crit chance cap. Prec is only "one" source of Crit chance. And historically the lowest priority, since other sources tend to be additive %, where with Prec its a derivative %. And you only need 100% Crit chance. So once you hit the cap, excess precision is basically wasted. Ferocity on the other hand, while also derivative, doesn't have a cap. So 400% crit damage is better than 300% crit damage, but 120% crit chance is the same as 100% crit chance. The main reason Berserkers is meta, is that there aren't enough sources to hit crit chance cap without "some of it" being from precision. There was a time when Reaper could get 100% crit chance between 2 traits and Fury, and it let you swap out all your gear for Valkyrie's (Pwr/Vit/Fer) for more shroud durability, with no loss of DPS potential. Now on top of this, you also have to consider magnitude of a source for stats. Runes add a significant amount of stats, but not much granular control, since the biggest part of the stat boost is always on the 5th/6th slots. Theres only two instances I know of where a meta build was mixing runes. And thats mainly due to this rare situation in the earlier days, where Condition Duration was harder to get, and two rune sets had condi duration in 2nd and 4th, and an otherwise useless 6th bonus. I can't remember which ones specifically anymore. Anyway. Scholars also used to have a flat 10% damage bonus in its 6th. This is what made the rune popular in the first place. And it stayed there, because its got the highest power and ferocity total out of all the runes.
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