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Roleplaying help/question

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Merry Meet Everyone,I periodically come to the forums with the hopes that someone can help me. I and my friends have an Online Roleplaying group that was started in World of Warcraft a long time ago. Since then I've periodically poked at the idea of bringing the setting to GW2. As I'm very disenchanted with wow at this point in time. This has become my main game over the last 6 months to a year. We still have to use the world of warcraft platform for roleplay as I have been told that there is no way to copy from the chat box here in GW2. The last time I asked there were no addon's for this game. I only recently found that there are some. So this time I'm asking if anyone has a way to take what is in the chatbox and copy and paste it for our transcript keeping records. Any Addon's that can make this happen, anything else that you all can think of that might help us transition to GW2 and still get our transcripting needs met.

Thank you Very much in advanceK Sparhawk

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Hi! You have already posted in the Copy/Paste thread, so there really isn't a need to duplicate it here.

As for your request, currently GW2 doesn't have this feature native to the client. I can only speculate as to why that decision was made. Good luck with your request, though. I'm sorry that something like this is keeping your group from GW2.

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