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Give Druid pets their defensive stats back


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While I feel the Druid pet stat nerf was a bad one, in the same vein as the Mesmer self-shatter nerf, it's something we've learned to live with.

One thing that's harder to live with is the effect the nerf has had on Druid pet constitution. Pets have never been the most sturdy things, especially in PVP environments, and the nerf to vitality and toughness been felt acutely.

Pet diversity for Druids, which was already limited, has become even more so with Druids being forced to choose pets with high base HP (bears) or self-sustaining pets (jacaranda). Most everything else is immediately killed.

Somes pet archetypes, for example, Canines, are unusable in PVP with their 13k base HP; they are usually dead within the first few seconds of combat.

This is why I propose giving Druid pets their defensive stats back. This will allow pets to function better as the supports they are supposed to be and increase pet diversity without swinging the pendulum for Druid too far in any direction.

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