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What build should I choose?


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Just got full ascended thanks to pvp. But I'm stuck now b/c of pof new specialization. At first I want my Mesmer to be raid rdy w/ chrono zerker. Now mirage is condi based. Are raid groups going to accept the mirage spec or do they still perfer chrono. I want to choose the right stats on my armor b/c I only got one shot to do it right. Following quantify build guide (do you think that site is best for raid builds?) should I go power chrono or condi mirage? Thank you for helping.

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For raids you got a few options and they're all totally viable and totally up to you. I'll list them in order of most desired for groups.1) Tank-support Chrono2) Support Chrono3) Power DPS chrono4) Condi dps Mirage5) Power base mesmer DPS

I play power base mesmer DPS. I don't have any trouble getting into groups, but there are skeptics still, but they wait to see my dps first.
There may be other ways to play mesmer in raids. Have fun and good luck.

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If your main goal is to get into raids easy, the answer is quite simple: support chrono (be it only support or tank).

It's one of the most desired roles if not the most desired role at the moment. I'd probably suggest getting support chrono gear first (berserker) and get as much variation done via trinkets (since those are easy to get with Living World Season 3). Get a trinkets set with Commanders stats for boon duration and in case you need to tank.

This setup will work for high tier fractals as well.

Once you've started raiding, you can complete the Legendary Armor collection 1 and 2 for 2 more complete ascended sets. Feel free to pickup condition damage gear for those items (Vipers and Sinister for PvE mostly).

On topic of Mirage vs chrono for groups, both fullfill different roles in the raid meta currently. Chrono is main support and tank with a very high demand (most groups run 2 with no alternatives available atm) while Mirage comes in as a damage build and competes for 1 of 4 spots with multiple classes (and is not best in slot at that). There is no wiggle room as to which build is more desired here.

Other things to consider:

  • berserker armor can also be aquired quite cheap as exotic quality. If chosen as ascended it can be given to an elementalist for their power based raid damage builds (though not having ideal runes will be a downside)
  • Viper gear is quite expensive no matter if as ascended or exotic (picking it on an already existing ascended set has its value). If chosen as ascended it can be given to a necromancer for their condition damage based raid damage builds (rune damage synergy might be not as bad as between support chrono and damage elementalist).
  • always try to pick ascended armor for a wide variety of builds (hence why I recommend going berserker versus commander early) and try to cover build shifts by using different trinkets. It's the cheapest and easiest way to get your character equiped for multiple roles.

If you want to cover both bases, you could pick Vipers on your ascended gear, then buy exotic gear for your chrono. You wouldn't be running best in slot gear, but that will hardly be an issue as chrono. It's not an issue for any class actually. Exotic gear is fine for raiding.

EDIT: had to update this since it is kind of relevant and limiting. The last recommendation works only for raids only. Fractals at Tier 4 require ascended armor. Getting Viper armor (which can not be replaced with exotic gear due to agony resistance) will be a problem since Mirage is not part of the fractal meta (even worse if you plan to run challenge modes 99 and 100). If this content is of interest, I'd definately recommend you pickup power/support gear first, then get condition damage gear off of the Legendary Armor collection.

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@Cyninja.2954 said:

  • always try to pick ascended armor for a wide variety of builds

Great tip and thank you. I think I'm going viper on my ascended armor and then sharing it with my necro since I like raiding with my Mesmer and fractals with my necro. I'll keep my berserker trinkets and weps on my mesmer. I still have my old exotic zero gear that I can swap in and out.

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