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PoF skins in the wardrobe

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So today's patch notes state the following: "Fixed a bug in which some Path of Fire™ reward skins were hidden in the wardrobe until they were earned."

I held off on making over some of my characters until they fixed this, so I could experiment at my leisure without having to alt-tab constantly for the codes. However, I checked my wardrobe for Funerary, Bounty Hunter and Warbeast armor skins, and none of them are in the wardrobe (except the ones I already unlocked, of course). I didn't bother to check the weapons.

So my question is why these are still not in the wardrobe. Did the fix not work out as intended? Or are these armor skins not intended to be viewed in the wardrobe (since the patch notes say "some ... skins" instead of all. And to add a secondary question: why are there even armor and weapon skins not viewable in the wardrobe? Some gemstore skins have the same problem. When they released the Hydra Staff skin I wanted to check it out on different characters, but it's a no show in the wardrobe. What general rule is there for skins to be added to the wardrobe or not?

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