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Here's some stuff you can do daily to add to your profit.

Farm the Ley Line anomaly: you get a mystic coin once a day from killing it, and it seems like there is always a group going after it. You will need at least 250 mystic coins for a legendary weapon (more if you use them to forge mystic clovers) plus they currently are selling for over 1.5g apiece.

Farm quartz every day on Dry Top, the desert and/or the home instance. Forge a charged quartz crystal as often as you can. Use them for:

  1. Skyscale Chow, if you have gone far enough in the Skyscale collection. Depending on the time of week, Skyscale chow sells for 3-4 gold each.
  2. Heat Lamps: If you have a jeweler, get the Heat Lamp recipe. It also uses charged quartz and the increasingly valuable Sunstone lumps, and heat lamps are very profitable to craft and sell at the moment, if you have the mats.
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