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Older Icebrood Saga Chapter Mastery's required to complete new Mastery Line?


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Logged in today for Icebrood Champions and saw we can earn 6 Mastery's in this latest chapter however the new Mastery Line requires more than six Mastery points to completely unlock. I was disappointed by this...

In earlier Icebrood chapters, it was possible to earn enough Mastery points (per chapter) to unlock all the new Masteries. I'll admit, we were given "just enough" MP's. There were only one or two extra Mastery points to earn and sometimes no extra Mastery's at all. I found myself completing achievements I'd normally pass up or returning to prior Icebrood chapter Masteries, just to completely unlock new Mastery lines.

Now it appears we have to go back and earn all the past Icebrood chapter Masteries we passed up (some which are a long grind), Is that accurate?

I know its all optional content and skippable. Please understand, I don't mind "earning things" in my video games (that is the point of playing, no?) but it almost seems like this chapter's mastery line was created to force a longer grind, which is annoying.

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No, I understood it as you will get the opportunity to have more icebrood mastery points in later months when parts 2, 3, and 4 of champions are released. I do not believe there ever was an intent to complete the new mastery line this month or even on part 2, but more towards the end of champions in 2021.

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Rank 3 and onward of the mastery are not available at the moment.

The amount of mastery points needed for new masteries in this release so far has been for a total of 3 mastery points (rank 1 for 1, rank 2 for 2).

It should be obvious that additional mastery points will be made available, at the very least guaranteed by the fact that the total possible points in the Saga right now are not even sufficient to finish all the masteries if the entire 6 new ranks were available.

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