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Looking for wvw roaming guild :)


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hello guys.. im a wvw only player.. because pve is boring to me .. and pvp is dead due to botsive decided to quit all game modes and play only wvw..im looking for a friendly guild for wvw roaming to roam in wvw together and have fun ..current server doesnt matter becuase im willing to transfer .thanks and hope to find a friendly roaming guild to play with ! : )

EU ^^

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@wowyersmart.9315 said:What time do you mostly play? My friends and I usually roam with a small group at 10PM EST when I get on! Working on getting some more of our members to transfer to Yak's Bend with us ^-^

are you from EU ? thats info i forgot to mention xD im from eu.

regarding time i basically play all evening i mean i can probably log on most of the hours just not when im at gym

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