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[Suggestion] Enlarge the Glacial, Storm, Flame and Stone Eye skins on asura characters?


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Glacial, Storm, Flame and Stone eyes are the elementalist profession specific headpieces. They make an awesome addition to any mage character, shining with an elegant but simplistic magical vibe!

However there's a huge problem with how they scale on asura characters.

Here's a picture... to explain it all.


As you can see, the eye looks just about right on the charr character, but on the asura... is that a piece of housefly poo or what...? The Eye could make an awesome addition to the look, but instead it pretty much disappears, especially if you aren't zooming on the character's face just to take a picture.

So ArenaNet, I'm begging you! Could you please make this small change to my personal favorite head pieces in the game? It would be MUCH appreciated!

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@Nikal.4921 said:Weapons shrink to invisibility while stowed on Asuras, too. I'd love to see some of these proportion issues remedied.

Very much true. There's also a problem with most staves, as they tend to sink through the asura characters ears, and sometimes even head, as we see with the new Glacial Staff skin (which would otherwise be a lovely staff though!).

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