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  1. Then hand that back out in any of the three empty trait slots we have, just don't make it another inane stacking passive we have to juggle. EDIT: Scratch that, FIVE empty trait slots, good grief what were the developers thinking when they made this thing?
  2. No. Base Elementalist is already the most complicated class, lets add management of an entirely new resource bar, four weapon passives, one to three trait passives, and a gyro-like pseudo-pet (because that worked great last time). I'm glad they took the time to make it functional, especially so quickly after launch, but the Catalyst is overdesigned nonsense that has too much going on and cuts not are an option, they are an absolute necessity, and elemental empowerment would probably be the best thing to cut, just roll 60-70% of that damage in base and call it good.
  3. Not that I don't want other new things but your argument is as easy to poke holes in as uncooked dough. There are several classes that, even with three elite specs, don't have all three of those roles, specs that don't even fill those roles in a traditional way, and specs that do fill these roles in traditional ways, leaving room for nontraditional ways of filling them. And finally and perhaps most important of all, there's no reason those three roles have to be the only three roles forever. The devs stated at launch that trinity content is medicore game design which they settled for af
  4. Posts like this are the reason ANet doesn't actually take feedback from the forums, there is no pleasing some people, everything is bad because negative opinions have more value than positive ones. The Catalyst is jacked up, and its far from the only class released in this expansion that has problems, but there is a lot of content people are happy with, and hyperbolic generalizations aren't remotely constructive feedback.
  5. It factually is not, it only tested with incredibly high DPS against large bosses in the beta because the rotating projectiles hit large hitboxes dozens of times per rotation, however that issue was fixed. Now the DPS is okay-ish against pretty much everything, but relies on half a dozen passives that are impossible to keep up in any remotely challenging content. A single interrupt in GW2 isn't a big deal, but against the catalyst it doesn't just make you waste that one skill, it causes a hole in the upkeep of a half dozen passives and channeled skills that is an absolutely massive loss
  6. Yeah I've got it since then too, but depending on the instance I've done so by jumping into the wall or unbroken window area before or after the hole in the window, jumping IN the actual hole almost never works. You basically have to trial and error a solution in each new instance, it's completely inconsistent.
  7. Their adjustments to make jumping in the clocktower window more accurate did the exact opposite, you can land squarely in the broken window and have it not count, been in multiple instances at this point without a single person ever getting a single completion, and I've been playing since launch and done this JP enough that I get to the top literally every single time so I've "failed" that last jump plenty enough to be sure.
  8. None, with a little creativity any weapon can match any class. I'd love to see a scepter wielding warrior; it could summon spirit weapons that overlay the scepter, could be a shaman using ancestral spirits, or general spec that inspires and supports alllies.
  9. It would be cool but at the same time D&D is written to be as generic a fantasy world as possible, you don't really need a module to fit D&D into GW2 or any other fantasy setting, just swap around some names and themes.
  10. I'm not going to tell you any such thing, if you want the game to change in a certain way stay and say so where appropriate, but please stop using my thread for your general complaints, stay on topic, and actually read the posts you're responding to. I don't think that means that at all, we need something for our low innate defense but burst is not the only answer and GW2 is not only about DPS. Traditionally we've been compensated for our low innate defense by having a higher retinue of utility; we always have condition clear and healing, we always have access to condition and burst d
  11. That's incorrect, the difference between the longbows highest and minimum range is about 30%. But in any case as with all fan-stuff we don't know how they calculate DPS internally and everything we do is either estimations, or in this case, sticking a number in because a nonsensical number is better than a blank space. I didn't go over every single buff that would round out these changes, but facilitating that gameplay is exactly that idea behind them, make the melee and ranged skills stand on their own enough that if you need, you can run the two melee attunements in a melee o
  12. The Catalyst's Problems The Catalyst Rework As I organized my thoughts about Catalyst over the beta week, they wound up growing less into a post and more into a full on document, so I cleaned those notes up and made a workup on how I would fix the laundry list of issues. Unlike most of the reworks on this forum, this one is trying to be as non-destructive as possible, we're not replacing the class mechanic, turning the Hammer into a bow, or redesigning the specialization from the ground up, we're trying to make the Catalyst's existing mechanics work where we can, and cut and pa
  13. Not perfect, but it is fun, and as an Ele main, a lot closer to where you want it to be than the Catalyst. 😒 I think the jump dodge is fun, but it needs a little more uptime, and the traits/class mechanic need to reward active and aggressive use of the jump mechanic with more returned energy. I wouldn't even be opposed to a "refill energy on kill" reset trait that lets you lance hop from one trash mob to the next. I also don't think the kurzick/luxon flip utilities are as bad as people are saying, I just don't think they fit what people want to play on a dragoon class. This class m
  14. I would argue that not every spec is intended for every game mode. The Deadeye was the same basic idea as the Bladesworn, a fun gimmicky PvE one-trick, and in trying to get it to work for PvP they just ruined it for every game mode.
  15. Ele is too complicated to add energy on top of everything they already manage, not to mention the UI apparently can't even fit it. Furthermore, if it has energy, why is there a cooldown? And why do we lose all energy when shutting the Jade Sphere off? The hammer being range/melee seemed a good idea at first, but in reality it's just a melee weapon because you can use ranged skills in melee, but not melee skills at range. So you'll bring its greatest potential to bear using all four attunements and it will be balanced as such, and balanced as such the pair of melee attunements and pair
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