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how the hell do i gain mastery points, im lvling it, spending them, BUT, get to a point where costs alot, so move to a new one, same thing. ive been gathering from around the worlds, still is not enough. why do i not just gain a damn mastery point for lvling it in the zone i am in? i do not get this? just starting back out, and alrdy locked, stupid. should not be happening alrdy.

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In your achievement log, you can see which achievements get you mastery points. There's heaps of them. The only region that causes me some issues is core Tyria, as I still need 8 points for the last mastery, - but with other regions, HoT, PoF and the living world masteries, I never really ran into issues. I actually have too many PoF mastery points (would probably be enough to do all rollerbeetle masteries if I ever unlocked it).Have you tried checking the open world masteries? If you have the basic mounts in PoF, you can reach many of them - and all you have to do is commune with them when you find them. They are marked on your map with a special sign. In addition to those, there are plenty that you can get with achievements, of which many can be quite fun!

By the way, I am just a "casual", so if I can do it, most people can. Don't give up :)

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