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New to 80 and getting Hero Points


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Hey you all! I just dinged to 80 a couple of days ago and thought it would be an easy trek to get the Hero points I needed for my elite specializations. I went straight to Path of Fire because that's the expansion I bought. Now that I am here (and getting my a$$ kicked mind you) I realize that I need 250 hero points just to get one of my Elite specializations. I see that the locations give you 10 each but they also seem to be more rare than before.

Am I missing something? Is there another way to get them or some easier zones to get them in? (preferably 10 at a time)

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A few things

One, I would recommend looking in the Heart of Thorns maps rather than the Path of Fire maps initially. Those will also reward 10 points per hero challenge.

Two, I would look in the LFG for "HP Trains". Often you can find large groups of people with a commander that will go map by map and collect all of the hero points in a large group. This will be much easier than trying to solo them.

Three, depending on the status of your masteries, you won't be able to access some of them (at least not under normal circumstances). Some require certain mounts to access and some require other masteries (such as itzel poison) to be trained. That being said, some of these things can be bypassed by mesmer (or thief/white mantle) portals.

Four, There are a lot of videos on youtube that will show you how to get mastery points. Use these if you can, they are extremely helpful.

Five, If you happen to be a WvW player you can use proofs of heroics (or testomonies of heroics) to buy these mastery point. Basically, you buy one and it will complete a random hero challenge from the applicable region. That being said, if you don't already have these, I would not play WvW just to get them.

I hope this helps, good luck.

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10 at the time are only available in expansion zones and it's a better choice than the core ones. Try looking for "HP trains" in HoT/PoF lfg.

There's also a possibility to unlock hero points by earning https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Proof_of_Heroics and https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Testimony_of_Heroics and spending them for HP through https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Heroics_Notary. That's only if you play WvW, but seeing as you're a new player, it's probably not exactly useful for you at this point.

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