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  1. When/where exactly was the last time you've seen people saying it's a meme?
  2. Leyline receiver, this is how they control you. Where's your tin foil hat?!
  3. Gw2 is far from gw1 and there's no reason to "belive the same is true", especially since there's just more lvl 80 content than the lower level one. e: oh wait, by "the same", you probably mean "the level cap", not "literally level 20". Ok then πŸ˜„
  4. Who are you asking? Nobody knows. Wait for details from anet.
  5. It seems to me that "and that's why..." part should be comming after giving the reasoning for why something should happen, but tbh I didn't see anything other than "I didn't get the invitation despite having tons of AP, but it's not about me! (but it is)". Did I miss something? What I know is that if they actually want to read through the opinions shared in the survey, then sending out those "invitations" en-masse doesn't make much sense. They probably had their own reasons for certain people to share their input and you or your brother didn't fit. Who cares. And again, who
  6. Yup, it's not outrageous. But not "because it's easier than before".
  7. I think you misunderstood my post, it was the opposite of "being perfect", try re-reading. (and it seems you already think you're perfect, seeing how you keep spamming with threads/posts about the game constantly being set against you, because nothing is your fault or lack of knowledge and everything is... I don't know, your personal anet dev running next to you and sabotaging your progress, apparently?) It resets after every meta and it wasn't me who was confused about that, so maybe lay off your awesome, but clearly misdirected sarcasm that doesn't make much sense conside
  8. ...or maybe he's as casual as you (or more), but just more patient?
  9. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/guild-wars-2-live-summer-2021/ July 13β€”The Legendary Armory
  10. See, the issue here is that you don't "tell it how it is", you make mistakes (which is ok btw) or straight up don't understand how parts of the game work and then try to blame something else for it, which is why you keep comming up with the posts that try to claim "the game is set against you". In case of the marker -it was probably always there, you just didn't pay attention to it until someone pointed it out. Which, again, is fine, but unless you start accepting your mistakes, you won't improve at the game and that's not the game's fault.
  11. But then the build with most active defenses wins, so we need to remove those too. Actually lets just implement pvp in the form of rock paper scissors and now we're k
  12. Yes, the game doesn't let anyone finish the story and yet that's exactly what most players do... Must be magic. Yes and you totally keep getting 1 laurel from every bag. "Not exaggeration". Just stop with these weird claims -if you need help then ask for it instead of constantly posting about the game being somehow set against you, that's just absurd.
  13. I'm also stating my opinion, not sure why you see the need to repeat it over and over again? And no, you didn't. πŸ™‚
  14. Oh, my bad then! But if that's true then please make sure to explain what exactly was the purpose of that "wonder what that guy will..." part? πŸ™„ You fail to respond to anything when you understand you're wrong and yet keep trying to be snarky, while failing miserably with your made up stories and pseudo-arguments. The moment you get called out, you go with... this type of response, again. Just like you can't be "not-managing inventory and managing it at the same time", you can't really "not direct it at that guy" while actively typing out "wonder what that guy will say now" at the s
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