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  1. "and as long as it does not provide the user with an unfair advantage over other players" Mashing one key instead of 7-10 which allowed you to skip learning the build at all doesn't provide you with an unfair advantage?
  2. Doesn't matter how many people are stealing, it's still against the law. The question wasn't about "how many get away with breaking rules", it was "is it against the rules". And it is. Calling chaining your skills with macros a "QoL" feature is also some nice cope 😉
  3. Chaining skills isn't really "qol improvement", it improves your performance. The macros policy lists it as not allowed: You cannot use macros to create skill chains in any competitive environment, including PvP, WvW, open world activities, races, etc. Well, at least in competitive modes.
  4. If I had to rate the possibility of anet adding a copy of charr as a new race, it would be around 0%. Actually no, it would be exactly 0%. Wait, no! It "would" not be, it IS 0%.
  5. Pretty sure you're on the forum at least every other day, hardly "barely on the forums". You need to stop making these -and I can't stress this enough- awfully obvious excuses. First in your thread (which as far as I remember basically ended with "oh, I didn't address it because I'm just ranting now!") and now here about why you don't actually address what is being said to you ("because you're barely here so you didn't pay attention") 🙄 You know you're wrong and you're still just bent on repeating the same thing that was already responded to and disproven by many users.
  6. Weird, map chat told me that's exactly where the demand is. I'd probably be more interested in these bosses if they were added as new strikes 😛
  7. I don't care about movable ui outside of reworked, regrouped and movable boonbars.
  8. If drops were supposed to be the lure here then I know what I'm not watching! 😄
  9. I don't think so. Masteries are "that mmo taste of level cap increase/progressing through expansion" without actual level cap increase. The main difference between those "expansion specific masteries" (some other people mentioned here, probably not you) and "regular level cap increase" is that when you skip all past expansions, you don't exactly need to catch up on -lets say- 50 levels, but instead focus on the fresh expansion masteries. Other mount abilities, sure, worth getting, but not necessary. Gliding? It's basically dead. Why? Because with "closing dragon saga" and giving out easy skyscale access in soto, the players might not "min-max" their movement with other mounts, but they'll have the flexibility of skyscale for whatever they need -and with soto masteries which enables leylines/updrafts on skyscale, gliding is basically an overwritten mechanic. So how do new people catch up? Probably like anet wanted them to: buy soto. If they want to follow the full story and experience each expansion, there's nothing to be confused about, they just follow the journal or -which amounts to the same thing- the dates of expansion/LW releases. That doesn't sound too complicated.
  10. It is and I don't need to retype every part of what he said -or so I thought- for you to understand that it directly responds to exactly what he typed and is quoted directly above my comment. What he wrote is false.
  11. Were you so preoccupied with repeating the same thing no matter who writes what that you forgot what thread you're in? This is not the thread you made. And no "all the other stuff we talked about" isn't "just tangents", it's a direct response to the proposal made in this thread. It's like you're not reading what people write and instead you're stuck with your idea of what you expect them to write.
  12. Or, who knows, maybe he could be bothered playing the game, maybe it's just that you made it into a goal that you'll drag a new player through strike missions "for easy ascended gear". Let the new player learn and enjoy the game instead of rushing him to endgame just because you're there. Want to show him the game? Take him to ibs, it's not like ow and meta events don't have bosses and after he gets masteries "for the loot", get to SMs. Then again, if you just wanted to show him content then... you did, even if he didn't max out on the rewards. Either it's about showing him the content or about skipping everything just to carry him to "easy ascended gear". What I know is in your OP you literally wrote you "took him to strike missions for easy ascended gear". Nobody here makes you into a "worst person ever", people literally commented on what you wrote.
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