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  1. I am just responding to what you're saying. Not attacking anything or anyone, even if you don't like what I'm saying, which you have every right to do. Disagreement isn't an attack. Maybe start with explaining what "optimizing fun out of the game" is supposed to mean here. Clearly, people perceive "fun" on their own terms, so just because they're not trying to farm max tier VB meta every day, doesn't mean it's because of bauble farm or because they're "optimizing fun out of the game". Maybe they're just playing content they find more fun to play instead. If you want to make the claims you
  2. mmos "let people optimize" almost any part of the game, starting with builds they're playing. This is hardly an argument for a change. "optimizing fun out of the game" just seems like your way of saying "people don't do what I want them to do". Also hardly an argument, because it can by said by anyone about anything. ...and I never called you a liar, so no problem.
  3. It was your main point when you've started the thread, you've just changed it now because you understood what you said isn't true. So I was responding to the thread, not the later-changed point you're making now.
  4. I know what it requires, because I've done it enough times. Contributed to one not that long ago, but I'm not going out of my way to do that, because I don't need to. To get max tier VB meta event, you'll need to find/start a squad earlier, a full map isn't exactly needed. Not only that, but VB bauble farm more often ISN'T available on that map than it is.
  5. And these times were... when HoT was the latest content? I doubt baubles have anything to do with lower amount of maxed out meta events in vb.
  6. You don't need extended time for raiding, you don't need to finish whole wings, you can join and complete single encounters. It's true that neither guilds nor voice chats are needed to raid. Use lfg.
  7. It seems you are interested in world bosses and maaaybe strikes to the lesser extent. If that's the case, you are free to keep playing world bosses and strikes. Saying that nobody plays them is false. Never happened to me and while it doesn't mean it couldn't happen to you, I'd say this is an isolated incident more than anything. If "someone's guildmate replacing you" was the actual problem, then you should forget about that one and continue playing. Odds are, it's not happening again anytime soon -if ever.
  8. Yes, I've read multiple posts in a row and the post you've responded to (with "agreed") said it needs to be stop being an excuse, so just followed up on that. Unless somehow that's not what you've meant at all, then I guess I badly misunderstood your post in the context of what you've quoted? I know the tutorial is not a requirement, I never had a problem with figuring out things on my own or going for the outside/player help if needed in the past (and I'm mostly talking about pre-gw2 times), so I don't even see that as something that's directed at me. But clearly -if you've seen enough p
  9. Except it's not an excuse since on these levels people are still introduced/explained certain aspects and mechanics of the game. So it pretty much is just that. It's just that it's not in a form of a crash-course, but instead tries to ease the player in, by slowly introducing players to new skills/traits/concepts/mechanics and giving them level/s to familiarize with the old one before introducing next. You might dislike this form, but pretty clearly that's what it is. True, opting out should be an option, seeing how the system is directed at new players anyways, while skipping t
  10. ...so you're saying you didn't read these 2 pages, eh? 😄
  11. Yup, pretty sure it monitors the quantity of items and changes in them instead of "knowing" when someone buys/sells them.
  12. So I don't know what the problem is because I didn't "gatekeep ocd", nor did I try to claim people can't post feedback on the forums or complain about things they disliked. What I did was point out some facts about "predictability" which were directly connected to the previous posts which I specifically quoted, offered a "workaround" that didn't include much time watching the character selection screen and asked some questions. Pretty sure I also know -relatively- enough about ocd, so thanks for the offer about educating myself. 😛 Anyways, if the goal with the refreshed beta character s
  13. I'm not gatekeeping anything. As you said, you don't need OCD to find it annoying. Then again lets not pretend that being mildly annoyed by 3 additional empty beta slots for 4 days is a huge issue that needs immediate treatment, because our characters are now slightly moved to the side. Honestly, for the sake of me having a full understanding of the weight of this issue, please tell me how that character select screen change is heavily influencing lives of people suffering from ocd. Because as far as I know, impact on ones life is where ocd actually matters and needs to be addressed.
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