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Help with Aetherblade Diving Spot pls!

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Hi I hate jumping and need to get this diving spot to finally finish off the diving achievenment it's been sitting on my summary page for ever!

Would appreciate any one that can port me or I can tele to a friend will tip ofc!

Please message me Miss Wicked in game I am in NA.

Thanks in advance for helping me!

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I sadly can't help with this myself, as I'm tragically bad with JPs (I even had to ask a friend to do that puzzle for me for the Astralaria collection >>)But I've noticed that there are often people in the looking for group offering free ports to that puzzle. So, maybe you can have luck there, it nobody offers it here :)

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I am not on NA :/ Did you get the propotype position rewinder yet? It helps a lot with it.If you use the not so secret shortcut you only need a few jumps and can skip the first part of the puzzle. Also when you do reach the spot take a good look at diving spot video's to get the jump right. Anet in their infinite wisdom made the jump a leap of faith between very easy to hit pipes... So you might want to get a friend up there when you finally get to it and have a few teleports to friend with you.

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