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Revert Staff Auto nerf and split Permeating Wrath for WvW


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It seems staff auto was preemptively nerfed as they were afraid of Firebrand making it absolutely nuts in conjunction with Permeating, but I think just tweaking it to proc f1 every 4 (or even every 5) hits would've been sufficient. (Yes, I know F1 is every 5 hits by default anyway, but PW would still make it an AoE proc.)

IMO the balance team should try some experimental changes from time to time (and state in the notes that they're experimental). If the change is overpowered, revert it. If it's not, consider keeping it.

(I also wish we could get some during-season balance changes that only affect PvE and/or WvW until the season ends. That way you can still preserve seasonal PvP balance but bring out small changes more often. Though I'm still in the boat that 4 major balance changes a year isn't frequent enough :pensive: )

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