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[sPvP] Celestial core ranger


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This build editor doesn't have the Celestial Amulet implemented yet, but here's the build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNAQRBMhdG1IlK0yilsgNLw1ihJh6DiO/j9K/yz8OAe8JokpVA-jJhIABAcQAuY/hjPBA+/EAAAYou can change runes and sigils as desired. Maybe leadership runes?

Try it out.


  • Perma fury, regen, swiftness and 20 to 25 perma might stacks when you're in combat for more than 10 seconds.
  • Perma Weakness (strongest non-damaging condition next to chill). It's the frecuency at which you apply weakness with the eagle that makes this very strong.
  • Good match ups. You roflstomp anything specially powerbased with the exception of Warriors (core which you should beat but takes time and spellbreaker) and Reapers (it's a 50/50). Things like holosmiths, scrappers, radiant guards, DHs, power Ranger, Power herald, etc... are all free kills. Protective Ward makes thieves and power mesmers a relatively lesser problem.
  • I feel surprisingly tanky (maybe it's me 'cause I played too much with Marauder amulet).
  • I do a surprising amount of damage (power and condi). My pets are always with 25 might stacks and do a lot of damage. Eagle does 2,5k every 5s, Smokescale does 6k on every assault. Axe AAs are doing around 1,2k each (longbow AA with marauder does 1,8k on average for reference), I don't recall Axe hitting this hard, when was it buffed?
  • It's a 50/50 against Condi Mirage, which is good because they are exrtemely strong and alongside Bunker Firebrands, are next in line for nerfs after Scourge and Spellbreaker.


  • Scourge is an uphill battle as you no longer have your longbow to pressure them from safety, you can still poke them with the axe, but it takes too long and you will eventually lose the cap, so it's not worth it. If they catch you in melee in a closed enviroment, they explode you and your pet.
  • It takes too long against core warrior, specially if they take an overpowered trait such as Might Makes Right which makes them dodge for days. But you can beat them if you apply weakness after they F1.
  • Spellbreaker is an uphill battle just as with Scourge. You'd beat them or tank them indefinetly if it wasn't for their high resistance uptime which negates the weakness. If they are decent, they can tank you indefinetly and can still beat you after a while. Spellbreaker is just stupidly broken against Ranger as a whole.

Extremely fun spec to play. Remember to precast Sharpening stone as it lasts longer than its CD, so you can use it twice in a row! Combo it with Warhorn 4 or Axe 2 for some nasty bleed burst.

Try this out and bring some feedback, it's still needs a lot of testing! Core Ranger needs some love!

We cele now bois an gals?

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I gotta drag myself back into PvP, I've been put off of it for a while but the itch is returning. Cele ranger was my jam back in the day. It fits right in line with the way the usual non-glass builds play. Just slowly grind people down, dodging and healing and evading and generally being annoying.

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