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From the dictionary ( a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.) in relation to WvW is a word often bandied about, but nothing is ever implemented , but what we have in WvW is Imbalance (An imbalance occurs when you have too much of some things and too little of others. If you put so much pepper in your soup that you can't taste the other spices, then you caused an imbalance in your flavoring. It's easy to remember the meaning of imbalance when you break the word into parts.) some examples nerf siege so you cannot defend structures fairly ,whilst the opposition can range from over walls into centre of structures and delete said siege which causes an imbalance , also applies to other sections of said WvW like permastealth in some characters which cause an imbalance cannot hit what you cannot see. Could go on and on listing the other Imbalances in the WvW game mode ,promise are made to be broken they say and we see this continually ,examples world restructure , Alliances the list is endless EIGHT YEARS and the changes are getting worse and worse , and another word which is lacking and which is the MOST important of all Communication (the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.) to keep said purchasers of any product informed of events that are forthcoming. Come on you know who you are how about some follow up on some of these topics . I wait patiently for the incoming warning from moderators because as I expect there will be none of these things happening anytime soon

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Some paragraphs would help get your point across better.

There IS a form of balance in all the Imbalance though: each side has the same benefit and access to the superior items and situations. (With the exception being the red BL and the Red keep lol)

Well, that and regardless of what you do, population will always have elements of imbalance. And should. Because timezones and 24 hr / 7 day conflict cycle.

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