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Shiny Bauble Farming and HoT Map Bonus List


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I recently stumbled across a group farming shiny baubles in the Pale Reaver section of Verdant Brink, and I joined. While playing, others spoke that the farm would last only until Thursday when the Map bonus changed. Fair enough, but I can't for the life of me find a list anywhere, including on the wiki, that shows the map bonus rotation by week for verdant brink (or any of the HoT maps for that matter). There is a simple list, naming of a few of the map bonuses in no particular order, but no definitive list of what and when like the Tyria maps have. Anyone know what the rotation is or know of a link to a list somewhere?Thanks

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The information on the wiki for the map bonus rewards was gathered by one of our wiki contributors, Alex.

Unfortunately, the method which he used is not applicable to the HoT maps. Documenting the full list would require a tremendous amount of effort, including "[playing] through several hundred events in each HoT map" to quote him. We would love to have the full set of drops as well to help out the GW2 community, and if anyone has been able to finish, or even start, such a thing, please feel free to reach out and let us know.

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Otherwise, you could check at the map if you search for the shiny baubles. They show the event reward for each map section.Join a meta or event train and you'll hear your self shout like a skritt as you see how those shinies will drop in. =)

That one at Pale Reaver is of course very popular, lots of players there, you get that lizard fast and they respawn pretty fast. I think it's every four weeks for the Shiny Baubles.

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