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How can i protect my account?

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Hey Guys,

how can I really protect my account?My acc was hacked, someone wrote the support to remove sms autenthificator.The GMs wanted some information to this account.The hacker answered, but only the name of my acc and my name were correct.GM ignored this and removed the sms -> acc lost

I changed passwords and got my acc back and the most of my stuff.

And now I´m watching TV and then I got a sms from Anet with a Code.So it´s happening again...

What can I do now?

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It seems like somebody knows the email address to your account. I recommend making a new email address just for GW2. After that, contact support and ask them to change the email address associated with your account. Don’t tell anyone your GW2 email.

Also, there’s always a possibility that there’s a virus like a key logger on your PC. You should try various virus scanning softwares.

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