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  1. I like Strike missions. I wish the entirety of Champions will be optional (or at the very least, DRM’s). 😛
  2. As long as you don't do the story portions of IBS, there's no reason you can't do the Return to IBS right now. There are few, if any, story related spoilers for open world events, metas, etc.
  3. When I play as a fire elementalist, I tell my opponents I identify as a power reaper and I ask them to treat me as one. And if they see a stack of burning on them, I tell them it's actually a boon and they shouldn't cleanse it. Apparently, it doesn't work because I haven't won a single match. 😠 My next idea is to stand next to a cactus with my Choya tonic then "headbutt" unsuspecting opponents from behind. 😈 I expect my first victory soon. 💪
  4. Many players are not from the US and speak English as a second language. Not being able to use English properly doesn't mean their opinions are any less accurate. That's really pushing it. However, basing your opinion on incorrect information can invalidate your entire point.
  5. Not to mention managing heroes if you’re playing anything on HM.
  6. (Imitating Koss) This has probably been abandoned by Anet for years. For years!
  7. There are checkpoints. Not sure starting when, but LWS3 definitely has them.
  8. I like carrying a melee set and a ranged set. Not being able to change from melee to ranged in combat is my biggest gripe with Elementalists (and to a lesser extent, Engineers).
  9. I know the feeling. When I spent $100 on this game, I was under the impression that I was getting all contents. Later, I found out that there's this whole other thing called LWS that I ALSO need to buy in order to actually get all contents. It felt like such a sham by Anet. Anet needs to either include all LWS contents in the bundles, or make it clear that buying the expansion bundle doesn't actually include all contents.
  10. Different maps have different trinkets. You won’t be able to get all 6 slots with FW alone. I suggest visiting all LWS NPC’s and seeing what they have, so that you can get them all. If you do the “Return to” achievements, you get 250 of all LWS currencies. This would basically allow you to get all 6 by getting 1 from each map. For example: LWS3 E1 Blood Ruby Band, E2 Sparking Petrified Wood, E3 Black Ice Earring (need 300 FW’s), E4 White Mantle Scroll, E5 Gilded Orchid Band, E6 Jade Pendant (skip, if you're going for the legendary amulet) If you want to get the aqua breather fro
  11. Because not all players want to play for the best stuff. I have never played for the best stuff myself. That’s not what keeps me going. There are many reasons to play and all players have their own reasons for playing the game. Maybe legendaries are just a means to an end for some players because they feel contents they want to play are more enjoyable with legendaries, but they do not enjoy the process of making legendaries. It’s not my place to tell them their opinion is wrong, that they don’t NEED legendaries, that making legendaries should be their end goal, and that they must be force
  12. It seems to occur much less frequently in Sandswpept Isles compared to Istan (where it seems to occur about 1/3 of the time).
  13. LWS3 is great for ascended trinkets and ascended aqua breathers, both of which are useful for instances. I’m not a big fractal guy, but I don’t think you can get stat selectable ascended trinkets from fractals nearly as fast as you can from LWS. LWS4 also has some ascended trinkets, but LWS3 is better.
  14. It’s nowhere near P2W. P2W is something where companies intentionally create disparities to force players to buy items for in-game advantages. Skyscale is not a gem store item; it's content in an expansion. Expansions must naturally make additions and improvements for the game to stay alive. Intentional or not, this will naturally lead to advantages for upgraders. If expansions don’t make additions and improvements so that it can cater to players who do not upgrade, that game is unlikely to thrive. Just like with real life, the in-game world will constantly change and improve. Players who
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