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  1. Just skip this sorry excuse for a stealth mini game. Starting with the HP room, it’s best to just kill them. Intentionally get spotted, line of sight to ball them up, use skill 5 to AOE while they’re rounding up, skill 8 for AOE, skill 6 to heal, skill 2 to charge forward and AOE, then skill 3 to dodge. If you’re dying and cannot heal, stealth and run until your skills are up again. After all enemies are dead, go after Vorpp. Repeat for 2nd part.
  2. From my experience... Winterberries: Best way to target farm Obsidian Shards. Convert berries to UM then buy shards. If you have enough characters, you can easily get a stack of shards in a day. If you have the karma upgrades purchased for the map, you also get a ton of karma from enemies you kill along the way. Silverwastes: Not as good as above if you want to target farm shards, but you also get a lot of other materials, too. Converters (Ley Energy Matter Converter, Karmic Converter): Best way to passively get shards, as long as you have the currencies. Ch
  3. 6/10 1) Visual clutter turns the game into mindless and shallow mess. 2) Painfully bright flashing lights make it hard to play the game. 3) Anet’s negligence for various issues can be frustrating. There are a lot of things that this game does well, but above issues really ruin the game for me.
  4. While the mechanics are simple enough, some poor designs really need to be fixed. Darkness encounter: The fragile pick-ups respawn way too slowly and the boss requires too many hits from the Vortex Crystals. Speed things up. Also, since random issues can get the player 1-shotted, the boss should not regenerate HP when the player dies. The last boss: The DoT effects the boss casts on the ground need to be adjusted or removed. The DoT effects constantly get placed right on the fragile pick-ups or the Vortex Crystals. If the player tries to rush through the mission by dodg
  5. No doubt there are different laws for different places. Generally, though, it has to be a genuine threat or a possibility for it. If somebody shoots a dog simply because it bit somebody, that person is going to be in trouble. And regardless of laws, joking about shooting a dog for a bite is in very poor taste, and being seriously about shooting a dog is an awful overreaction. The biggest draw of multiple accounts is the log-in rewards, which lead to Mystic Coins and Laurels (to purchase medium/heavy crafting bags). You can sell them or save them to make legendaries. For players who
  6. What you were finding funny is irrelevant and my analogy perfectly describes your overreactions that have nothing to do with the problem. Some people play illegitimately with multiple accounts, so you think that justifies going after log-in rewards, which would affect all legitimate players, multiple accounts or not, even though that has nothing to do with illegitimate actions. Also, if a dog bites someone, you think it's OK to shoot it. The vast majority of dog bites are harmless and do not even escalate to dangerous situations. Shooting a dog for simply biting somebody is a major
  7. That does not always work. Next ally only toggles between a select few objects with the highest priorities. If there are dozens of interact-able objects with higher priority than chests, it just cycles between those and never targets the chest. Also, some objects get interaction priority even if you have a chest targeted and selected.
  8. Players who paid for multiple accounts already do need to do something to make money. We had to pay for our extra accounts, just like players who buy gems with real life money, and more than players who spent money on only one account. Spending money on the game is doing something. Not only that, we also need to log in to our extra accounts every day for months to break even. Only after that can we start making money, but we must continue to log in to our extra accounts every day. That's why many players prefer to spend money on gems instead of extra accounts; because getting extra log-in rewa
  9. I don't know if this is something your friend may be interested in, but... One thing I did when I wanted to unlock a mastery/mount, but did not want story I have yet to reach be spoiled, was that I played through the story with the volume off. I also didn't read anything. The game's green markers were enough to get me to the new map without spoiling the story.
  10. Leechers are leeching. Therefore, all alternate accounts don't deserve the same log-in rewards as main accounts even though alt accounts were paid for and require daily log-ins, just like with main accounts. What the? 🙄 The other day, I saw a dog biting somebody. Therefore, we need to ban dog food. Makes sense.
  11. Sigh... As many players already expected it would happen, the meta achievement is getting harder. This week requires a JP (though fortunately, upon trying it, the Dry Tops JP wasn’t long or hard like some others). 😑 Also, another week of up to 9 Mystic Coins per week is quite a lot. Sometimes, materials rewarded from lower tiers are used in higher tiers. It may be wise to save these Mystic Coins instead of selling them since they may be required for the upcoming amulet.
  12. Ever since the 5/25 update, I've been getting terrible lag spikes non-stop. It happens everywhere in the game. It can't be the game since I don't hear other players talking about this severe lag. And it can't be my connection since all my other games work just fine. Tried all sorts of tests and checks but can’t figure out why GW2 is having issues. No GW2 mods running, no firewall blocks, no issues with my internet speeds or pings, tried resetting router, etc.
  13. 1) Wardrobe templates: It costs transmutation charges to save/edit appearances to wardrobe templates. Loading/switching between saved wardrobe templates doesn’t cost any charges. The wardrobe template will save all appearances, such as dyes, outfits, gliders, which piece is set to show/hide, etc. This will lead to transmutation charge sales since many players do not have enough charges to save multiple wardrobe templates per character. 2) Mount templates: The template will save the skin and dye set ups for all mounts. There should also be an option to call a random mount template w
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