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How to solo the CM for the Fields of Ruin DRM


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I had been struggling to complete this CM as the groups I always got could not do enough DPS and we'd fail the timer. I decided to just go in as a power DH and surprisingly enough I was able to comfortably beat it with over a minute left on the timer. The power DH build is the same exact one used for raids except that I swapped out the sigil of impact for a sigil of destroyer slaying and the utility was a potion of powerful destroyer slaying. Honestly any high DPS class (I was doing 20K+) will probably work but I would still use the sigil and utility as those are best in slot.

When you go in, you want to turn on all three CMs. You also want to go to the other NPC and enable dwarven support which you'll have to pay for using the DRM currency (it's like 10). The reason for selecting this is that you can speak a dwarf (or rather interact with something in front of it) to get an item with three charges in your special action which does quite a bit of damage. It's probably best thing to use in every DRM.

You'll also want to get at least tier 2 morale but tier 3 is very much doable if you're efficient. From the portal, you can go south and you will reach the road with the crafting stations which have a large number of NPC to rescue and boost morale for. This is also the faster way back to the clear event and boss. A single loop around back to the portal will complete rescuing the citizens and get you about halfway on the rally one. Focus on killing destroyers while watching the mini map for the rally npcs to be ready again. You can weapon swap to get out of the rooted/channeling thing when you talk to the npc.

For the event to clear out the destroyers, you want to prioritize the harpies as they're the ones that do the most damage. Save your dodges for the destroyers that leap and knockdown you as this could be fatal if paired with the harpy destroyer attack. If you see an elite, mount up and go around it as they take a lot of time to kill. You can ignore exactly one elite mob and still have the event complete. Sometimes there may be a second one which you'll unfortunately have to kill. You do have some buffer for deaths here and on the boss (depending on your DPS) although I wouldn't push it.

The mechanics for the boss are fairly simple. Jump over or dodge through the random shock waves. Try to not spam dodges as you'll want one for the large conic attack which is the dark orange reddish one that pulls you to the boss. He seems to do this after he lays the fire field but I really wasn't paying close attention to the sequence of attacks.

When you see the attack with his arm up, and there's a pinging on the ground in front of it, get away from the boss and use ranged attacks. Jump or dodge through the shock wave of this attack but keep away from the boss. The fire field left from the attack does a lot of burning damage and it is still bugged. You can stand just outside of the graphic on the ground and still tick damage from it as well as a few seconds after it disappears. It's best to just have the boss come to you to be safe.

Try not to get chain CC'd by the shock waves when it phases. The mechanic between each phase should be self explanatory but you want to stand in the green. If you run out of the special action item, you can run to the npc between phases as the attack with the green circle will be out of range. You can ignore the CC bar.

With any luck, you'll be able to beat it.


Use high DPS class. Use destroyer slaying sigil and tonic. Don't fail mechanics.

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