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"No Mask Left Behind" - Exalted Mask - Auric Basic

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I am trying to get the Aurillium Node for my home instance, when come to the last Exalted Mask, (Mask # 20: Southwatch Creep) as indicated in the Achievement list is not found where the wiki says it it.

1) either the Achievement list is wrong2) or the mask is bugged.

Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

Thank You.

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Yes, very sure, I even have another player take me to the mask , i am now just standing there asking any passerby, if they see a mask. ... lol

I go to the waypoint, run to the bouncing mushroom, runs down towards the "white spot on the ground" where the mask should be (got this from the AiyinMaiden's video)https://postimg.cc/VSDQB163

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