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The "Safe" Word


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I am of the opinion that the Deep Sea Dragon represents a kind of failsafe, a way of ensuring that the Elder Draconic Cycle cannot be stopped. The dragon, presumably, lives in some of the deepest waters i Tyria and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that it resides in an ocean trench. This makes it almost impossible to stop, as the submersible technology required to descend to, and withstand the crushing pressures of, water at such depths probably hasn't besn developed yet by terrestrial mortals. It's possible that specialized minions of Zaithan and Jormag could do so, and Jormag may intend to deploy it's ice magic in the depths in an effort to disarm the Deep Sea Dragon. There may be a long-forgotten ritual, possibly linked to the Dragon Bash festival, that can be perfomed somewhere in the depths to achieve this.

It's also possible that a terrestrial spellcaster may be able to speak a "safe" word to disarm the cycle from the safety of the continent. Alternatively, the spell may be a peculiar combination of the Elder Dragon's names. I don't think that just any old spellcaster could achieve these things though. Remember, no pun intended, that most of the knowledge contained in important documents like the Tome of the Five True Gods has been lost to time. You'd need a god, or goddess, with a savant-like memory of history to recall the contents of documents like the Tome.

A goddess like Lyssa...

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Krait lived atop of the DSD. Submersible technology may be required for silly air breathers but in this world, species that can withstand the pressures in the depths are a dime a dozen. Merely locating in oceanic depths is hardly a limiting factor for species to reach it.

Plus Primordus is in lava. And Jormag creates a sub-zero near-instant-death blizzard around itself while awake. None of those are hospitable environments for the average species.

Besides this is the first cycle for any Elder Dragon to perish as far as we know. So a failsafe wouldn't have been seen as necessary. Certainly not one that depended on ocean pressure over withstanding immense heat or cold.

I think if location was a choice for failsafe measures, the planet core or outer space would have been chosen.

There may be a long-forgotten ritual, possibly linked to the Dragon Bash festival, that can be perfomed somewhere in the depths to achieve this.

Dragon Bash is a festival created to celebrate killing the Elder Dragons. It didn't exist prior to 1326 AE.

You may be thinking of Dragon Festival, but that was about the Celestial Dragon, Tahmu, who was human. No relation to the Elder Dragons.

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