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EBG and m WvW maps .


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in our server , the only map popular is ebg ... everyone queue for it or AFK in it not to lose its place. all borderlands are quiet most of the time even when big guilds pin up . maybe its time to consider a change of maps designs or make 3 more ebgs :neutral: ? i think its pretty the same for all servers from what I hear .

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nah, usually the coordinated fights happen elsewhere. in EU t1 on EBG happens usually the clownparty for hours. u get only clouds skirmishing on each other and either dieing or running if any serious group enters the brawl.

it depends where u play tbh. EBG isn't the best map, it's just easy to farm others if u own SM castle. on EBG, technically all sides have equal starting ground. on the home borders, the owner of the border is meant to have advantages, while for desert border this usually ain't working alike.

4 copypasted EBG maps would be hell... really no good idea. desert border could get a remake tho, and EotM heavily needs to be updated into a full legit map.

also, still many ppl like the alpine borders. they have good open spaces, where u can fight quite well (without too crazy amounts of uphill-downhill, while there are enough bad spots also)

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