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  1. it's sunday, time for another round of #allianceswhen
  2. this. and i don't mind the influx of the queues. its only for one week, after all, that's nothing major. no point to cry about this. and @reddie.5861 the red border is not that dead. seen a lot of queues there. even in EU t4 and t3.
  3. it was nice. a lot of people did yet abuse the bug, so yeah. it became common knowledge after it has been live for a few hours. u could anyways notice the absurd damage amounts this day. those people who did not use it kinda made their choice, i guess. i played on herald, bc i had the strength runes anyways on it. finally it felt like having "real" dmg again. finally no need to avoid heavy overnumbers and the possiblility to see "impact" in single dps drops. even the trashy and selfish glassbuilds of ranger and theif are these days normally bulky enough to easily eat 2-3 rev spi
  4. i understand the hacking issues with it. outside of that, the orbs does surely sound fun. and the ruins need to get removed either way, the bonus of borderlands bloodlust is pointless and at best harmful. the red border shrines are fine. they don't make a lot of difference, but they at least don't additionally feed the bigger pop server.
  5. largescale is the best farm, as usual. only good fighting comps will really get a lot of this week. that to be said, due to the massive queues these days, the maps are filled with more randoms than usually, leading to overall easier loot for everyone - at least if u make it on the map that is thaha
  6. the gvgs are rarely to never a real issue. two equal sized groups of at least two servers are sitting there, with 20-25 people usually. and most does not happen during the high-Q times on the weekends. who decides that? the guilds - the fighting guilds are the backbone of every server. inexperienced players might not notice that, but they carry nearly every single bigger fight. nobody cares about the dollies when gvg'ing there. yeah they get killed on passing often, and? the shrines (ruins) are not too great to fight in. not impossible, but a ton of ups-downs, and not a
  7. i talked about the SA guild, Systematic Abuse. i don't know them personally, but their game behaviour is pretty sad. they only play smallscale and spvp chars and builds with max dps output and high mobility and if they cannot get a kill within few seconds, they just run and their 2-5 guildies come to gank you if you'd chase. within the EU pop, quite some of these guilds exist. roaming is sorta waste of time yeah, only for dailies or if u really enjoy it, it has any good "income". similar to defending stuff. u get often nothing out of it, u can even lose participation if u don't kill or
  8. go back to farming your pvE stuff... you would know better if u'd play Wvw. @Aeolus.3615 I'd rather say, those are the off-hour zergs from various timeszones, that farm empty maps. while admittedly, the casual players seem to become rather more than less. guilds rarely are to the right size to fight outnumbered effectively, there's not even 15 guilds in the whole EU zone that can pull this off i'd say.
  9. best farm is largescale fights. edge of the mists is sadly extremly dead. afaik its also no-downstate week? due to the bonus XP we expect more players than usually on the borders, sounds like a lot of content, hypothetically.
  10. @vier.1327 u know, that mew under the truck wasn't fully wrong. with enough glitching u can have things spawn everywhere... if the spaghetti code of the game doesn't go "BYE" before. i had quite some fun with the old first gen pokemon games not long ago, glitching out a ton of impossible mons that to be said #allianceswhen
  11. while u are fully correct about the balance of player distribution, the system with the ppt thing basically is the fault of this. tier 1 has nothing to do with skill, that is common knowledge by now. the mechnically good players don't care anymore about ppt. the high class squads are found within most tiers (only usually not tier 5, bc people tried to not get into that, since ur stuck in it often and get quantity-wise less content) the boons and gear doesn't matter at all. more builds, and experience ofc, decide who wipes who. in fights, that is. funnily even the strong
  12. reddit is a weird place tho. lots of "the uncle of my brothers' girlfriend has a nephew whose daughter works at XXx and told me that" within these. from our information status... yeah, there is no information about it, lol. that's why we try to maybe get some communication going. #allianceswhen
  13. @Dawdler.8521 in the same time you could have gotten daily spvp. and if that stuff is all you do in Wvw, you could have yet won a spvp AT for 50 gold or what is is xD @ArchonWing.9480 well, i do upgrade + sell them when my storage explodes... i still have nothing higher than 20er bags (pockets)
  14. well, t6 mats are at least quite some money, and t5's technically upgradeable. not that i really have the patience for that.
  15. your "promptly" was about ... eight hours. then they disabled the STR runes.
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