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  1. calling one of the most useless classes king, at least nice troll
  2. u cannot even compare that, WSR is way stronger lol
  3. they actually just got a good linking with lots of space and incoming transfers, so soon they can also fill OS and EotM, dw fam
  4. pretty pointless blabla thread ngl firebrands are just needed bc they are allrounders to provide options to actually survive pushes. idk why u need to cry about this. everyone should have at least a firebrand or a secondary support geared for Wvw, even if your main is some dps class @Random dude.5089 u are also fully wrong, groups often lack secondary supports too. or dmg, it can be anything. but without a fb per party it is obviously problematic the simple reason for FB beeing staple is that the meta has thousands of condispam, pulls, hard cc spam, pushes, dazes, knocks... u cannot move 500 distance without a firebrand. there are several other classes that also provide stab, like rev and chrono but it's just not focused on that next, you people miss out completely that the dps classes build for not generation their own stab, they build for dropping that biggest amount of dmg onto the enemy groups heads. and pretty much most other supports are yet having far better heals and cleanses than firebrand... if u would give them great acess to stab and aegis etc etc just to make FB kitten, they#d be grossly overpowered fb isn't really that overpowered as ppl here seem to think, and most fb's aren't even good at the class
  5. tbf your "issue" is the fault of both of these guilds, if they didn't even ask which server you are on, that's some pretty poor communication / game knowledge from both of them idk
  6. after 10 years a system like this is just too late to make any further sense, and i doubt u can seperate wvw deaths from pve ones, so the whole statistics would be bonkers if they'd use old data anyways hence yeah no, kind of pointless
  7. to be fair, he talks about situations where one side has 40 people on a karmatrain blob and the outnumbered side is basically empty with 5 people or sth alike, and the random buff would be just 1 player and for a limited amount of time. however, you'd need the killswitch also for it: if the outnumbered is gone on tick (5min) then the buff mustn't remain either, because else it'd be abusable further, it won't always help. will be fun and make people happy when half time some afk dude gets it while running into a wall 😛 like legit, this wouldn't be a bad or problematic thing, bc when you're outnumbered there's no "normal conditions" anyways anymore that to be said, i'm still not sure how the outN exactly procs currently. sometimes u get it when u have 15 ppl at least on the map, sometimes not even when it seems worse
  8. bro u could always on many if not most keeps do a port like this with mesmer and thief... anet never fixed these things and they are not new the defense not triggering is oddly more common than it used to be yeah... maybe they did bind it accidently again to the wall-repair thing, killing a player often doesn't work or only randomly...
  9. considering "moa-signet" is mostly used to annoy people and doesn't matter for roaming anyways, it should just get a wvw-specific effect that doesn't actually turn someone into a brib it's mainly used trying to sabotage content, usually in combo with engineer pull things ... but yeah, if anet would monitor Wvw, they'll surely be aware of this problem by now. right?
  10. it a tie in t4, ergo nobody of t5 can rise or drop, so your t5 matchup is even more stuck than it normally is
  11. the two similar ppt scores there are clearly just happy little coincidents also there's not really anything you gain for ppt victories, ergo it cannot be really a manipulation a there's no factual damage happening anywhere
  12. whole balance forces yet to have similarish numbers, since 3 years. bit late to start crying now. it was more fair earlier for smaller, coordinated groups. but yeah u can never expect to win against comped voice groups with a ppt group of similar size, obviously and zergfights / bvbs are pretty much way more skillful than cloudfights... on large scale u coordinate movement, damage and sustain. on roaming it's just a jungle. roaming and clouding gets just old rather quick, but some people enjoy it, and that#s their thing w/e. if u care about loot / time paying off, Wvw never was your best pick
  13. there isn't a necessity for high skill FBs though, they just need to be somehow understanding the class to give stab and blocks. there's not that much tryhard groups left in the game, and most quit around 2020-21~, to need very good FBs ngl plus, idk where exactly u get the data of how many ppl left from. there#s always some leaving, some returning, some new... queues are still around as always
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