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  1. unless u did first organize fights, there simply are no rules, only walking bags that wait to get harvested. if u read this the first time, you might be the bag.
  2. how about to stop this toxic nerfing game and try to equalize stuff by buffing the bad things.... sustain on grouplevel is by far not broken. if anyone thinks it is, you just need to learn to play dps correctly.
  3. way to say no and yes in one sentence. there is no difference between removing and totally messing that stat combo up is ... is that really hard to understand? supports dont do dmg bc they don#t run the stats for dmg, their whole weaponsets/skillsets/builds are forget to heal/boonprovide... to SUPPORT it's making zero sense for them to invest stats into dealing damage the point about the old dmg was, you could punish bold roamerglassbuilds with smart cc+chipdamage and retaliation. they couldn't just fire their whole crap onto your head and keep 111ing in the meantime. anet just
  4. be better than them, just kill them both, easy farm kek we gone yesterday into one EBG keep to keepfarm, with ~30-40 people for 1 hour. at lord room, even the other color came twice with a zerg to push us, we killed them off twice. that's why doubleteaming should not exactly hurt you, as long as u know what you do and play with like-minded people, u can just avoid any real doubleteaming if they in the meantime flip your objectives, who cares? mostly is just bc of your own server ppl do not give enough sh*ts about it, and they are free to do so. usually there'd be on mos
  5. because a lot of people constantly seem to be and seem to be staying on the level of extremly new and inexperienced players within Wvw. like, outside of "pick-your-matchup for fights upcoming week", i don't know a single serious player who considers ppt (ergo, "winning" by the points per tick scale that objectives generate and therefore beeing in t1) as something you'd want or strive for. rather, most players who play even semi-hardcore don't care at all about that. the only roleplaying we still do is in defending, to not have to ram through 1000 siege disablers, 500 cows fro
  6. also cannot log in, EU here. error: 42: 1001:9001:4457 build: 120503
  7. i'm heavily against this. don't remove stuff and stat combos, that's just a really poor way to balance and fix things. nerfs should be the last way to ever happen. in the end that just ruins fun and playable builds. like, big, we play cele for several useless stats then? i'd guess no. just some other tank stat. supports need to tank and heal, there is zero point in making life harder for them. potato smallscaler group healer do use cele yet. supports shouldn't be more vulnerable to some bad thief/ranger etc memes than they are yet... it's insanely easy to gank, even fo
  8. agreed, either make them upgradeable like @Kovu.7560 etc wrote, or give us a choice at least to choose between things. even my rather new alt has yet more pails than he'd need ever.
  9. how else would u organize content? guilds communicate with each other since freaking years, no matter on which server people are currently at lmfao. but yeah, unless ur playing Wvw, cannot know that.
  10. @Lan Deathrider.5910 we may have very different view of what a "fight" is. the bay water encounters are usually more fiesta like, unstructured and the stronger group just yolotrains the weaker one down, be it in the water or not - the one the flees (and not kites off) has always a huge disadvantage. some try to just disengage and regroup at other side of the water, but mess it up and half of the squad melts simply while running. @Jura.2170 alone the activity count on it proofs yet, that it clearly is the least popular either way. i could write a full article about everything that i
  11. @Jura.2170 off my lawn, thanks 😛 no, really, tangled depths? is like the most horrible map in existance. auric basin style would be fine bc it has enough openfield overall. RBL jungle shows how crap too narrow passages are. @Lan Deathrider.5910 point is, they nearly to never happen. everyone is capable of buying a quick exo gear for it if necessary, but most people just dont like watercombat. and btw, the weapons and skills there are way more broken than the land variants. i only log into Wvw to fight and there's literally never anyone pressing the "YO LETS GO WATERFIG
  12. about 270.000 kills happened since reset in EU matchups sofar. so idk, not directly dead. those who karmatrain and pvE within the boundaries of Wvw regularly pay the Lootbag fee, so yeah. ppk still doesn't have the value it should have, ppt still means only something in weird para-realities of some player groups.
  13. the point is, oneshot crap always existed but always was avoidable and damage was wielded by any and every class and specs now they d#mbed it down so only certain glassy kittenbuilds are able to deal real damage and the rest has the big honor to use skills on good angles and faceroll their keyboards to deal any damage on smaller scale anet just showed that they miss the wider picture completely. players also do, but u cannot blame players. people always use the stuff they have available.
  14. yeah, rather be grateful that u missed it. it was like 30minutes full confusion, then we knew what roughly has been messed up and the queues been skyscraperhigh. then anet reverted the whole thing and fin. that was the whole "eXpErIeNcE"... literally nothing that u coulda missed. several additional bugs happened there, like seemingly players respawning in wrong spawn or just heavily bugged queues that didn't let u on the map, despite there beeing space... and that list goes on and on good thing, we can another time post #alliancesworkingwhen #alliancesbetawhen
  15. this stat-crybabying does not really matter at all. you don't get farmed bc of the enemy supports running minstrels... most keepfarms would happen pretty much the same way with the full group using berserker gear. would be more vulnerable to siegespam and singletarget focus by braindead glass cannon builds... yes. still, they'd also do more offensive work then and probably could just yolotrain over the uncoordinated defenders even harder. the balance of anet is awful, since feb2020 at least. so many issue with the coefficient nerfs have just been ignore and still not wo
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