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Fighting Style Packages

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I think we all know, or should know, that every weapon has a unique fighting style based on function. Whether the weapon is based on the style or the style is based on the weapon available is irrelevant to this discussion.

Like all weapon skins, the fighting style package would only provide visual differences for those who want a bit more "realism" in their MMO fantasy.

The problem is the time needed to program each fighting style, but once completed, it's finished and you only need to keep up on new weapon types as they come out. I don't see this happening for each weapon, but use analytics to determine which weapons are used the most and provide a package for those weapons to start.

I character who whips out their pistols in a flourish draw may add quite a lot for many players idea of who their characters are.

They already do something similar to this with the draw/stow animations for Legendary weapons.

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