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  1. Why does acquiring the Skyscale seem to take ten times longer than the last time? I got a second account to experience GW2 like I did 10 years ago. Has anyone else found the same?
  2. Trinkets, accessories, and rings are not restricted by profession. If you have limited money, you can swap them between all of your characters, something you can't do with armor or weapons.
  3. Well, of course. The only things not obligatory in the game are some of the ways to achieve goals; you have to play WvW to craft legendary weapons with the Gift of Battle.
  4. Wouldn't it be cool if we could customize the cursor to represent the Race, Class, Profession, or role they play in the game? How about having a Daredevil cursor shaped like the specialized staff 'BO' or a Renegade with the short bow 'Guerilla Arc'? Or the profession-specific 'icon.'
  5. Is there a way to sort characters on the initial character screen by name, race, profession, level, etc? I know the last played character is front of the list, but that sorting method only lasts until you play again. I have 15 slots total; a couple mules, and the others are split between the professions I play with differing sex and/or race. (3 revenants; human male/female; charr male) GW1 had that option, I was wondering if I missed it somewhere.
  6. The new Jade Bot has a Recycler: Karma: Recycler: Karma Masterwork Looted junk items will automatically be turned into karma. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Module:_Sensory_Array It automatically turns "junk" into 10 Karma points. It's not much, but it adds up over time. "Karmic Retribution" in various Season 3 areas are good places when farming.
  7. All I know is the time I want to buy stuff, the price is too high; and when I'm selling, the value drops far below my asking price. I tend to put in orders far in advance for what I need. If I'm working on a Legendary, I'll put in mats orders a month or more out from when I think I may finish the precursor. I have a mule for all my mats I don't want to accidentally use. Just don't chase the market; place the order, pull it when it doesn't sell for a couple days, and place it again for the new value. Each time you change, the "taxes" are taken out and the item essentially loses ending value. But you already knew that.
  8. GW1 was built around dual specialization from the beginning. GW2 was build around the ability for each character to play multiple functions. I think I understand what you envision: An elite spec designed to cross-train to another profession. I like the idea of characters able to swap elites with other professions (as long as PvP and WvW are excluded). So each time you wanted a new "secondary" you would train for that one specifically. It's not a bad idea...on paper.
  9. Now there's a new expansion adding to the massive amount of things I haven't completed yet with the other two expansions; masteries to unlock, achievements I haven't touched/completed, collections requiring other achievements, and so on. Oh the First World Gaming problems we face. When you are faced with a similar quandary, what do you do?
  10. It's all good and fine until people leave the map and it's hard to find enough players to complete the simplest quest. I don't know what the ultimate solution should be to make it easy enough for those who want to solo a majority of the map and hard enough to require you to gather a PUG to finish a meta event.
  11. Why should a Guardian be able to earn a Thief's weapon? The purpose in going from Exotic to Ascended is to show how the Character has progressed in their learning of their Elite Profession.
  12. It's easy enough right now from what I've experienced. I imagine you can key-bind them to whatever you wish. I haven't fished in many places so haven't caught more than a few of the common fish. I would hope the different species of fish would "fight" differently and the box to move "L" and "R" would increase with the better fishing percentage.
  13. The best thing would be to set an alert when names come available. You would have a week to claim/decline or it would go to the next person in the queue.
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