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  1. I'm sure they ran a bunch of beta tests before deciding to go for dual-mounts. What if the "gunner" is the one in control? can that person kick the "driver" if they start going in the wrong direction or lag or afk? Can a Gunner control movement if there is no driver? What if there are solo players who can't find a person with the same mastery levels to operate the mount?
  2. How much does this change the outcome of your game playing experience? You see what you want to see.
  3. I understand completely, which is why I think there should be the caveat of grandfathering names for active accounts. Even if an individual character hasn't been touched. I have a Ranger I haven't played since GW2 came out. She has the name of a GW1 character that I don't want to give up. Any changes would have to come with new Accounts so people understand they need to play the game every couple years to keep their character names. I'm sure there are people who haven't played since before HoT and won't play again. Their accounts have been inactive for YEARS. Fire off
  4. If anything like this is enacted: Players who have characters in the system should be Grandfathered with no time limits. Only characters made after the cut-off date would be subject to the Name Delete feature after "XXX Time" of account inactivity Emails, Log-in pop-ups, or any other way to notify a player the character named "ABCDE" will be not be playable until a new character name is chosen. But on the whole, I'm still against the idea.
  5. Don't just focus on thief for each weapon ranges. I just use that as an example. Believe it or not, there are other professions out there. Guardian has Firebrand/Axe (melee) and Dragonhunter/Longbow (long range). I understand that there are core weapons that cover any missing ranges, that's not the point. I was thinking each profession elite could focus on one range dynamic. If a person would rather play a "XXX" core profession, but needed to play a differing specialized range they could swap Elites (not just swap weapons).
  6. I know it's a bit late, but I wish they had made each different Elite spec focus on Melee-, Mid-, or Long-range attacks. The Thief has melee in the Daredevil and long-range with the Deadeye, now they should open up an Elite that covers the Mid-range (~600-900ish).
  7. I'm holding at a 4. I haven't seen anything too exciting as of yet. Boating doesn't do anything for me (yet) I play solo too much to get excited about siege turtles fishing is just another material to collect (hope they aren't account-bound) I'm waiting to see my favorite new Elites to raise it past 4. I haven't been disappointed in the past two expansions, let's not start now.
  8. There are some I think deserve an individual upgrade to footfalls, sounds, or even draw/stow effects. Trying to tackle something that covers armor/back items may be too much.
  9. Pre-orders do a few things for the company: It's a fast infusion of cash into the company. They can pay off any bonuses/loans/debt incurred to bring you the content. The company can bank that money without having to actually produce anything and draw interest on that (your) money. They are able to draw an impromptu poll from current players about their level of loyalty to the brand; only people who plan to play the game for the extended future will buy something in advance of seeing the actual product. All that being said, the value of the preorders far over
  10. I'm guessing the only way to craft one of these new legendaries is by getting a precursor right now. If not, I'm curious about the story that will go with acquiring it.
  11. Something that really got me hyped for GW2 were the profession trailers. I really hope they do something like that for each of the new Elites. While showing what the new skills are and how they can be used is nice, the cinematic trailers can't be beat.
  12. I know this was an initial teaser and there was some stuff that people were asking for, but none for me. Don't care about fishing (until I try it, I could end up loving it), Legendaries look rushed, and I play a Mesmer >5% (but I may have to up that).
  13. If you haven't already bought the next expansion, what are you waiting for?
  14. I know it's too late so it's a moot point. I log in and find all my Legendaries gone from my inventory and placed in the Armory. What I didn't know was they they would be stripped bare. So whenever I unequip a Legendary instead of having a single weapon in a slot, I have two or four slots used for infusions and sigils. Seems like a step backward to me. Now I'm less inclined to swap Legendaries (the whole reason for the Armory) than I was before.
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