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  1. So you’re now Level 80, have HoT and PoF, and both elite specs are complete...how do you take those raw skills and determine what to use for Your Build? I’ve gone through the typical build sites and found the Good, Great, Meta builds for PvE, Fractals, and Raids for DPS, Condi, and Healing already. I really want to learn why specific skills for a class are chosen for certain duties and not others? I can use a premade build, but it may not make sense to me. I’m lacking in the “know the synergy” department. Other than “find the skills that boost the attribut
  2. You must mean: "It's not the same game ... IT'S MUCH BETTER! There's gliding, mounts, profession specializations, and Legendary Items. There's so much for me to catch up on!"
  3. The best way to increase weapon mastery is to learn your build. Profession specializations add new skills and more ways to increase DPS, Conditions, or Healing. By adding an additional elite weapon skill, you are adding to power creep and buffs for no real need.
  4. I'm guessing this is your first purchase of an Outfit. The only modifications you can make is not to wear the headgear and show the head and they have some dye channels.
  5. Sorry, I was at work, didn't have anything to write down more, but didn't want to lose the thought. I did mean hairstyles with channels to so multiple colors could be added at the same time: hair with stripes, frosted tips, one color Front/Back (or Right/Left), main head one color and braids another, or a dark base with highlights. It wouldn't work for every current hairstyle, but new hairstyles designed specifically for this purpose could be sold to add to the Costume Brawl.
  6. Would you buy hair templates with multiple dye channels?
  7. It starts getting hard at Lvl 2 and continues until you stop playing. You must be the "most awesomest" GW2 player in history. Having played the entire game front to back and never having to worry about death. If there's ever a title "Survivor's Survivor," .... well, you get the picture. Actually, that's kind of how I felt in GW1 when beginning to play my first Dervish; I was invincible, until I wasn't. The beginning territories are to learn game mechanics and history of 'the world.' They offer base mats for crafting and overall little real challe
  8. I see the point and am living that way right now. I just moved to a new city, started a new job, and my playing time has gone from ~20 hrs/wk to just getting the log-in rewards and skimming the forums. In April, I only had 4 days off total and those I spent running all the errands that had built up, mowing the lawn, and to unpack some more stuff. I'm not bragging or saying that to play the martyr it's just the truth. I would give nearly anything to play an entire day-off in preparation for the third expansion. In order to really enjoy GW2 you need to play 2-4 hours at
  9. If you're talking "in-game," I don't see the point. You can choose to interact with players if you want to or not. I don't have a thin skin when it comes to people trying to insulting me in the forums. Trolls are what they are and I normally don't let much get to me. Whether someone gets their hand slapped for something in the forums makes no difference to me and less if I know when, how it was dealt with, or the penalty.
  10. Even GW1 has a surprising number of people still playing and there hasn't been a major update/change since GW2 came out. It's only dead as long as you don't play.
  11. I don't see the issue here. I have all the mounts and I only use three of them on a regular basis. Should I ask that all the other be disabled?
  12. I don't see the problem with putting Legendaries up for sale. It's not like there were any less materials used to make it when purchased from the TP. If I enjoyed the process of making them, but didn't want it for myself, why not sell it to someone who does want it?
  13. In the past, I would have said that Crafting is an individual "event." GW2 has blurred the lines between what was done individually and can be done by any account character. I can't come up with a good enough reason to say "Definitely Not." Other than the sale of additional crafting licenses. And how would that affect the initial limit of 2 for new characters? Would you have to pay to change crafting skills if you didn't have a free slot while changing characters and wanting to use that new skill?
  14. With this question in mind and looking back, I think they should have had Legendary weapons, armor, and trinkets able to choose One or Two Major stats and One or Two Minor stats regardless of what combos are already set. Give them a little edge over Ascended gear without being raising the base damage.
  15. It would have been nice if the "shoulder plates" served some specialization function such as being used to stabilize a rifle when shooting.
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