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[LFG][NA][WvW] Looking for a guild to roam / smallscale willing to transfer server


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@Hippy.6578 said:Hey there,

I'm new to WvW and I enjoy roaming / smallscale battles. I really would like to learn WvW and actually get better. I'm willing to transfer. Hit me up @ Hippy.6578 in game or Fa R0uche#7124 on discord

What server are you on currently, and what class(es) do you like to play?

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Howdy! I saw that you stopped into the Goat discord channel recently. What information can I give you? My guild focuses on small scale and training. One of the benefits of being a newer guild is we are working on our own flow. This evolves over time as being get to know each other. I’ve got many new and returning players. Each night we work on comps and synergy with the members. This is ongoing with all of the recent changes and I’m sure there will be balance patches later in the year.

TC is currently closed but the server links reset later this week.

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I can show you the recruitment message of our guild OTBH, currently hosted in Crystal Desert server... Our main playstyles in WvW are roaming and havoking, so I guess that's what you're looking for. Nowadays, here's our recruitment message (so you can have a grasp of how or what we are as a guild):

Do you like to play hardcore, but lack hardcore time? Does your life involve gasp..responsibilities?! Order of the Blue Heron [OTBH] wants you! Friendly, Competent, Fun!(CD) WvW, PvX, TS3. PM!

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Hello, we're on EU and we have 2 very experienced guildies which are currently teaching people everything about roaming. In case you'd be willing to Transfer to EU too, I'll post you our guild info below, because we're not a sole WvW guild, we're PvX and doing a lot of WvW/ trying to get more people into roaming with us. We roam technically daily.

We're a small community (currently 50 people, we all know each other very well) and created a guild about a week ago. We're based on Ring of Fire.

We're a small, active and cozy guild. We do not plan to be a huge guild where faces will get lost in the crowd. Everyone is getting along very well, we spend time together and are supporting each other. We are looking for people who appreciate the same thing and look for a small and familiar place where you get to know the people and eventually win some friends.

We don't just talk in game with eachother, we have a very chatty and active discord where people talk to each other the whole day. (we use Discord & TS to communicate). We do lots of activities within the game and also are there for each other.

Currently we're working on the guild hall upgrades (lvl 10 atm) and we're looking for people which would also be ready to pitch in and build with us a community which will last and which we can be proud of when we finally reached our aim.

We want everyone to be happy and try to do our part in that. We're part of an alliance with 2 other guilds, which we have daily events with. Those events rotate weekly, so we have a lot of guild activities too. We're still working on certain schedules and planning events, certain things have to be determined (training PvE raids for instance) still.

Current Event schedule (we do stuff apart from these things, these are simply scheduled):•Monday: HoT Map Meta (changes weekly)•Tuesday: PoF Map Meta (changes weekly)•Wednesday: Teq & WvW Raid•Thursday: PoF map Bounties (changes weekly)•Friday: WvW raid•Saturday: to be determined•Sunday: WvW raid

If you're interested in a chatty, chill guild and also are happy pitching in, then message me on discord: Midna Le Fay#6535, ingame katkota. 7956 or simply type below if you're interested.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

Much love


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