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Game Update Notes: April 1, 2021

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  • ArenaNet Staff

04/01/2021—April Fools' Release Notes

Living World

Guild Wars 2—Living World: The Icebrood 5aga: Episode 5—Champions; Chapter 4—Judgement Act 0^366: Gourdon versus King Abaddon begins soon! Reach level 15 to gain the Spiked Choya Psionic Tonic and begin the nonsequential, pseudo-optional honor system prelude.

Players who complete the Living World Season 3 episode Out of the Shadows will now be automatically recruited to the guild Dragon's Watch [HERO]. All of your loyal character companions and Braham will communicate with you through the chat panel, reducing the time required to take calls from Taimi.

As guild leader, you will now be responsible for planning fun events and mediating interpersonal conflict beyond the Living World story.

Visit Aurene in the Eye of the North to peruse her designs for a new guild emblem.

If your guild slots are full, Dragon's Watch will replace your personal novelty guild.

World Polish

Annual polishing has increased world shine by 14%.

After being driven out of the Celestial Challenge, excess hordes of hyenas now appear in various events.


Added expiration dates to foods, ingredients, and other consumables.

Added new Dragon Call-and-Response Missions, which include all your favorite dragon-related songs, as well as a brand-new Deep Sea Dragon Shanty.

Instituted a wealth tax on all bank assets valued over 10,000 gold. Players will receive a form via in-game mail for declaring their assets gained and lost over the past fiscal year.

Added a few more Elder Dragons.

Several NPCs who were rude or dismissive toward you when you were a bright-eyed adventurer just making your way in the world would like to reach out and apologize.

You don't owe them anything.


Fractals are now recursive; a smaller Mistlock Observatory has been placed within each fractal.

For further details, check the Fractals section of the Game Update Notes from April 1, 2021.

Each fractal has been updated for historical accuracy to feature the sublime Palawa Joko and his involvement in their events.

Added a new Fractal Instability: Labyrinthine Horror.

To increase variety of player choice in selecting Agony Resist values, there is now a daily rotation that adds to your Agony Resist based on the following bonuses:

Number of matching resist values

Number of different resist values

Number of matching positive and negative resist values

Number of resist values that add up to 10

Highest unique resist value in your party

To compensate for the higher baseline Agony Resist, Agony Resist requirements for fractals over 20 have been increased by, like, a lot.


To help players keep their backpacks empty for new loot, a Wipe Inventory button has been added next to the Compact button.

Added another Candy Cane Hammer. We're going to add them every year until it's part of your holiday traditions.


Added a quest to unlock Springer Mastery 6, which allows your faithful springer to be mounted and use its abilities midair.

Fixed a bone-scaling issue that caused the raptor to be much larger than pocket sized.

Profession Skills


To respect quiet hours, Shout skills may no longer be used between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Tyrian time.


Fixed an issue that allowed elementalists to ignore the material component cost for certain spells.

Weavers can access an elemental loom to create brilliant but ephemeral tapestries.


Turrets, gadgets, and gyros are now considered material component skills. Engineers cannot use these skills unless they first craft the required item using a weaponsmithing station.

Engineers who leave turrets, gadgets, or gyros lying around when leaving a map will now be ticketed for littering.


To lower option overload following the introduction of the skyscale and new Elder Dragons, dragonhunters will need to more specifically select their hunting targets when the specialization is chosen.

Unlock a new guardian-exclusive specialization to select your monthly responsibility traits. These will be added to the chore chart.


Chronomancers can now attune to past patches, changing their skills to the balance and scripting used during that time.

Butterfly effects will soon return from their astounding seasonal migration.


Necromancers can now move while defeated.

Instead of reviving downed allies, necromancers now have the option to use their corpses to make extra minions.


Active pets now create waste that has to be cleaned up after under penalty of Tyrian law.

Rangers may now post adorable pictures of their active pet to guild chat.


Equipped legendary stances will now change or swap if the invoked legend tires of talking to you.

Fixed a bug that could cause revenants to fail to exit the teleport state during Unrelenting Assault, leaving them trapped for a seeming eternity in the world between worlds.


Thieves in stealth are now allowed to leave the combat area and watch from afar as their party members fight the boss, then show up to collect their share of loot like they were working hard the whole time.

Thieves can now cheat in activities such as Basket Brawl, Crab Toss, Mursaat Tennis, and Belcher's Bluff.


Warriors can now equip scepters, foci, and staves in either hand using the mace skill set.

Banners will no longer be leased for advertising space.

Structured Player vs. Player

Tournament winners now qualify upon death to be transformed into Awakened by the mighty Palawa Joko.

World vs. World

Fixed an aggro table bug that prevented gates from properly engaging attacking players.

Wall movement speed has been increased by 500%.

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