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D912pxy question...

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I have no idea where to post it but i did a google search and it only gives my DX12 links, not what i need.

I "accidentally" left the d912pxy overlay on, and dragged it over my Mastery bar. Now i can't move it cause it won't click on the overlay window, it clicks on the mastery bar. :sweat_smile:What's the shortcut to hide d9pxy overlay, i couldn't find it on their github...It's annoying the kitten out of me. :sweat_smile:

Can anyone help?

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@Veprovina.4876 said:

@Joote.4081 said:CTRL+ALT+N then scroll to the bottom of the overlay and you will see the button.

Yes, that did it! I was able to move it and disable it this way!Thank you very much!

I guess this thread can be deleted now, or maybe leave if if someone was as dumb as i was and needs the info. :tongue:

I missed it too and had to ask the same question on the forums so not so dumb. :)

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