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What are the very best computer specs for GW2?

I have been reading this forum long enough to be very impressed with the technical knowledge people have here. Most of the discussion is over my head, frankly.
What I have understood is that you can't randomly throw a modern system at GW2 and expect performance improvement because it uses a single threaded engine from long, long ago.

I am thinking about giving my computer to a nephew who has an eight year old rig and zero money, but I don't want to buy something that should be better and have it be worse for GW2.
If I were to purchase a mid-level Digital Storm or something like that, what would be the optimal [email protected] specs?

My Problem
Wvw lag. Sometimes the whole screen freezes for 1 or 2 seconds. More often, in battle, the character can move but no mouse is visible and no spells can't be used. This lasts 2 seconds, or in other words, you are probably dead.
I am on 100 MB internet, so I doubt that is the source of the problem.

My two year old system
Alienware Aurora 7
i7-8700 3.2 ghz 3.19 ghz (not overclocked)
Windows 10 home
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070.

I run minimum graphics setting on everything.
I am using a Predator Gsync Monitor at 100mhz connected with Display Port cable. In WVW it does not seem to be any different performance wise than a 480 p sony TV connected via HDMI. It has better resolution, but that's about it.

So.... Can this even be improved for GW2? I am thinking an overclocked cpu and faster ram might help.



  • Best you can currently do for CPU is grab a 9700K/9900K and OC it to 5ghz~, will need good cooling but should increase performance noticeably and outperform any other CPU choice, not sure about GPU, depends on your resolution, can't comment on that since i'm capped at 1080p with a 1660 super.

    Not sure how well intel CPU's scale with RAM freq/latency but 2x8gb Crucial Ballistix 3000 CL15 should be good and cheap, look out for models with AESBK at the end of part number and you should have a micron e-die chip that should reach 3600 CL16 at least.

    Also might wanna try DX12 mod, seems to help for a lot of people, keep in mind that in zergs/crowded places and some specific maps no computer will sustain >60 FPS with high/highest Character model LIMIT, QUALITY and Shadows any higher than Medium.

  • Thank you.

    Perhaps you could answer a question about overclocking.
    The vendor I am considering offers the 9900k overclocked to 4.7 or 5.1 mhz.
    Is there any stability reason for not going all the way to 5.1?
    I assume heat would be the main issue.
    The system I am considering has liquid cooled cpu and a lot of case fans.

    I have been reading about the DX12 mod.
    If I understand it correctly it distributes some tasks to other cores.

    It sounds like it is worth trying.

    Thanks again.

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    Not every 9900K can do 5.1GHz since Intel started binning the chips for the higher 9900KS SKU with 5GHz all core out of the box

  • Yeah, results will depend on silicon lottery, i think 4.9-5ghz should be enough performance, could reach 5.1-5.2 easier with the KS (better binning) but i think it starts not being worth for running 24/7 due to high voltage and likely high temps, also more expensive, though YMMV and you might have a great chip and enough cooling, just watch out for high voltages/temps and you'll be fine.

  • I am pretty sure the chip they are offering is the K and not the KS. I am guessing I will see improvement over the 3.2 mhz i7 that I have even at 4.7 overclock. That should also be less strain on the cooling.


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    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the question aiming for a PC that can run GW2 properly? GW2 doesn't require the latest, most expensive hardware.

    Also, WvW lag is server-sided, not client-sided. A fast PC and internet connection won't be able to prevent it from happening at all.

    Your two-year old system is sufficient for this game. My system is 5-10 years old.