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What endgame mats to look out for?

So I'm new to the game and my instinct is to auction everything. Any specific mats I should keep an eye out for to not sell for endgame. I play a mesmer so I instantly keep the cloth so I can become a tailor. I also have some kind of shards in my bag and stuff like black lion chests and keys/items from those that i am keeping


  • basically don't sell any high tier mats cause you will be needing them in most recipes on later tier of any crafting disciplines and they are pretty expensive on the TP currently plus you will need them for all the daily crafts.

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    First of all start crafting so you will get a feeling for the system. It is not so simple that for tailoring you need cloth. You will need a lot of cloth, leather and trophies. The higher the crafting lvl, the higher the required tier of materials.
    The system follows this rule up until max crafting lvl. At that point you come to the ascended crafting. For ascended you need all tiers of materials excluding the first tier.
    For legendary crafting you will need a kitten ton of everything plus some of the more exotic, rare stuff like mystic clovers, amalgamated gemstones...

    You are always losing money by selling on tp due to the fee. But if you are a new player you need gold more than mats now so it is nothing wrong that you are selling. You need basic gear and mounts and the easiest or the only way to get those is to spend gold. But once you will not really need gold for basic stuff you might want to stop auto selling and start hoarding the rarer stuff like t6 trophies. I never sell mystic coins because the price seems long term stable, I don't really need the gold and will use them for legendary gear and would just need to re buy them later.
    There is always a market factor, maybe tomorrow a mat will devalue by a lot because anet will introduce a new source and would be better to sell now but that is impossible or very hard to predict.
    Btw don't instant sell on TP, always put out a sell order unless you really really need the gold now.

    Until you get to 80, get familiar with the game and gain some basic assets I wouldn't worry. You will need gold so don't fret about selling, you can always re buy what you can sell. Later you will be able to gather mats and gold at much faster rate and a few gems and some leather that you have in your pocket now means nothing.
    If you are interested check wiki on the amount and type of materials you need to craft ascended and later legendary gear. You will see that for legendary gear the amounts are often measured in stacks (250) and not in pieces.

  • Ty I'm level 78 now and at 30 gold. I've been doing events all the story quests and hearts in between. Also cutting trees. Gathering herbs didn't seem to sell for anything good.