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Drizzlewood "Quirks"

jwaz.1908jwaz.1908 Member ✭✭✭
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Hi there,
I realize the pandemic threw a proverbial wrench in the gears of content production, however the Drizzlewood map and meta events are not up to the same level of quality and polish that previous living world episodes and maps are/were. Here's a list of "quirks" that I've noticed whilst playing the new content.

  • Harvesting wreckage will fail if you have an enemy target. This is a huge nuisance, as your character will still play the harvesting animation, however will turn towards the enemy and won't salvage a thing.
  • When purchasing a special action ability from united legions waystation, if an enemy nearby triggers your resilience/valor/vigilance special action it will cause the purchased special action to have 0 charges.
  • When using the parachute system, if you mount a griffin immediately after dropping it causes the griffon to become locked flying in one direction and you can't dive. Resolved by dismounting mid-air.
  • The second and third Phalanx groups during the north meta have terrain that allows skipping them. (I'm assuming this is unintended)
  • Lastly a very rare bug that I've only encountered once, but have heard of other instances, and as far as I know only happens in Drizzlewood. But during the cache keeper phase of the south meta, right after I landed with my griffon, my character became locked facing the camera which effectively reversed all of the controls. Not sure what fixed it but it resolved after a short time.

Feel free to post any other "quirks" you've witnessed or experienced.

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