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So i guess i need to preface this by saying i 100% realize ranting and offering no solutions is very hypocritical. That being said, it is so not my job or this community's job to find solutions to "fix" pvp in any way, shape, or form. Guess I would like to start with the feb patch. Now i dont know why people thought that patch was going to be "content" besides the obvious dps coefficient changes that would INEVITABLY change the meta(the change being the content, how sad lol). The feb patch did little, but change damage coefficients, duration changes for condi and boons, and 1 traitline on 1 class right? was reworked like kitten how is that a big patch... It took less than a week or so to find the meta maybe less. It was a big patch in the sense as it was lot to read, thats it. After the patch? we got the most stale meta ever and the only saving grace is its not a really a bunker meta rn(at start it was). Now, it has been the better part of 7 MONTHS and we have not seen their baseline meta tweaked in any relevant form besides nerfing things that showed up after the patch. hot fix if you will. months long hotfixes...
7 months...
Less players, less builds, less options. Now i play a few classes. Mainly holo and fb, some rev, war, and ranger. I climbed top 10 and finished there on holo. this class is my jam. its my best class, the class i play the most, and currently strong af in the meta. I cannot stand holo rn, i think if i have to leap corno burst spam nades one more time im gonna kitten lose it. holo has basically turned into symbol brand for me as have most classes in a sense. IT IS SO GOD DAM N BORING. there is no interaction besides following your target with your cursor as you spam 1-5. play another class you say? if you are high plat 2, and genuinely wanting to climb, or be the best you can be at this game you would be naive and stupid to play anything else. for any match up. 7 months later.... still. imagine.
low population. There is no solution for this problem that we are going to see in gw2(cantha? ye for a month.). I look at this as tooth enamel, we lost them, its all gone for good. Now I dont know if they just dont care, or think they are already good, or just working 80hrs a week and cant play. I mean i work a 9-5 like the next guy, and dont have every waking moment to play this game, but holy god the people in this game suck so bad its cringe inducing, and the worst part is you cant even blame them for it because they dont know any better. This is the MAIN reason i havent really played much pvp as of late. Most of the people in pvp rn, have ZERO idea how the mode functions, just doing simple head counts between teams to see where you as a player need to rotate to give the best play possible, for that moment, in that game just seems to shoot over the head of just about everyone left. Whether it be that, or say a build that would encourage less input and for you to absorb less information about your opponent to still get the win. I honestly dont have a solution to get people good at this game. its a personal choice and very much a personal effort that no one is obligated to.
rant recap i guess:
Feb patch was the most boring thing on the planet
We would get some sort of cancel culture thrown at us on twitter due to lack diversity
The people in this game suck, help me make them better and not stupid af.
Im done though. roast me in the comments im game, no personal vendettas towards anyone have at it idc:)


  • Shiyo.3578Shiyo.3578 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The game is the EXACT same as it was pre-feb. Bunkers are unkillable and everyone globals eachother(besides bunkers). The only difference is now mirage is useless(good) and there's a TON less build diversity.

  • Let’s make 3/4 of builds unusable and keep some over performing stuff over performing kappa

  • @Shiyo.3578 said:
    The game is the EXACT same as it was pre-feb. Bunkers are unkillable and everyone globals eachother(besides bunkers). The only difference is now mirage is useless(good) and there's a TON less build diversity.

    how is the meta the same kitten? did you even play before the patch? tools holo could oneshot nearly anything lol. again idk about low rated matches where people have 0 idea how to play the game so obviously playing some overly bunker spec is jigga value. but in plat 2-3 it wasnt bunker at all lol and how is mirage being useless good. just one more build we cant play?

  • @FrownyClown.8402 said:
    You wanted more people in pvp and anet did it with build templates, less damage, and core build viability. Now the meta is stale and vets are quitting with no one left to fill the gap. Pvp is now a casual game mode. Accept it. Meme with your friends in unranked and move on.

    Ive been against the patch the entire time. yeah things needed to be toned downed for sure but they went overboard. Absolutely i wanted more people in pvp, an extremely stale meta, build templates(yeah that went great), Core viability? you mean the 2 you can play rn? 3 I guess if you count necro? yeah the population shouldve exploded.