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Afrer latest update - unable to verify the Guild wars 2 executable.Please try again.

Hello to everybody.I can't play the game since yesterday.
I have this permament error " unable to verify the Guild wars 2 executable.Please try again.if the problem persists,uninstall and reinstall the application,or contact customer support.
Any Help please?

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  • Astyrah.4015Astyrah.4015 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 10, 2021

    something has either corrupted gw2-64.exe or your gw2.dat (or both) -- most likely due to bad internet corrupting your patch update

    try completely removing then re-installing the whole game or if you made a copy/backup try restoring from that.

  • thank you.i have tried that doesnt help.there is a problem in the gw2 folder that i need to do and i dont remember it.It has happened again in the past and i dont remember what was the proposed solution that i was given back then.

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  • Astyrah.4015Astyrah.4015 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Tristania.9801 said:
    there is a problem in the gw2 folder

    which is why a full re-install would usually work by clearing the whole directory and installing fresh files over it. if your install got corrupted due to a bad system environment or bad internet, then obviously there's a chance it will happen again

    if reinstalling is a no-go for you (either because it will take too long/slow internet or for any other reason) then try to see if there are any .tmp files for gw2-64.exe or gw2.dat and restore from those. wouldn't be a guaranteed thing but it's a shot at getting a non-corrupted game file.

  • The only files that exist in the folder Guild wars 2 (which is windows xp 32 bit) are the following and also to mention that this issue has happened in 3 computers on the same time after yesterdays update.
    gw2.dat = 51526004 Kb
    gw2.tmp =26.636 Kb
    gw.tmp =0 Kb
    crash.dmp = 437.kb
    bin folder.
    The same applies exactly in all 3 computers.
    All of them have the same problem after the update

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  • Healix.5819Healix.5819 Member ✭✭✭✭

    When patching, GW2 can fail to overwrite its own executable, resulting in Gw2.exe being renamed to Gw2.tmp (or Gw2.###). Attempting to start it after that patch will fail, since Gw2.exe is now invalid.

    Delete Gw2.exe and rename Gw2.tmp to Gw2.exe.

    Alternatively, download Gw2Setup.exe and rename it to Gw2.exe.

  • Fantastic solution! thank you Healix 5819!

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