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[Forum Bug?] View counter inflation

Mikuchan.7261Mikuchan.7261 Member ✭✭✭
edited September 17, 2017 in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

It seems that the view counter ticks up for every time you reload the thread.
Doesn't seem to matter when you viewed it the last time.
I'm not sure if this is a "bug" or if it's even a "problem", but I found it a bit wonky since it can really screw with the view counter in cases.
Figured I'd mention it anyways.
I suppose the view counter is there to give some form of information, which in this case would be inaccurate.
I stumbled on it when making a thread and I went in and out to check some things and the view counter went up with 1 for each of my visits.
It would probably be better if there was some form of timeout for when your visit will give another view counter increase.
Cookies for that?
The "problem" is that it can be done by mistake.
If you have the intention to screw around, you can always find a way.

Edit: There, 200 views, just to demonstrate.


  • Healix.5819Healix.5819 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Turns out they're using a simple json request to ping the counter. ESO is using the same forum software, so I tested it there; same thing. Surely Vanilla Forums must have a setting for it.

  • It's not the only view counter issue. I have a post in the bug forum that seems to reset back to a single view every day.

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