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  1. Some people obviously just want it for the skins, already having legendary sets. Having pre-farmed for 6 months because of the huge amount of account-bound materials, I can understand the disappointment. Who would have thought different people have different expectations?
  2. Please let there not be any animations. All I want from this game are simple, elegant and good looking armor sets, which 90% of the existing ones aren't. Most are incredibly overdesigned with far too many stupid bells and whistles.
  3. I think it's simply that they've already designed the same way of obtaining new relics for the next expansion as they are for the current one, and they don't want to invalidate this future content with regard to rewards. I'm not worried about existing legendaries. Paying for new options is no biggie for me either. As long as I keep playing this game, I'll buy new expansions anyway. There will never be a time where I'll still play and not buy an expansion. If they ever release something I don't want, I'll stop playing altogether. I pretty much always take breaks a few months before expansions anyway. The difference without a new expansion will be that I won't come back to the game again. I'm probably not the target costumer, I never spend money on the game other than expansions, and after the disappointing extras for deluxe editions I haven't shelled out for more than just the basics.
  4. This happened on my alt account today. I'm quite sure I didn't open and forget about it. I had done and opened the chests for 2 tasks earlier, plus the log on task. I then went out and did the last 2. I opened both chests and the daily chest went to 5/4 but I couldn't open it. I also noticed I didn't have the luck essence that drops from that chest in my inventory.
  5. This is the only festival for which I struggle with the weekly. It simply doesn't have anything engaging enough to even do daily. I'm struggling to even get halfway there.
  6. Unless the game actually does anything at all with music despite having the music volume turned all the way down, music issues won't be the cause of my 2 audio crashes. If I could hazard a guess, it sounds more like an overload of simultaneous effects playing. It happened with such a cacophony going on at the time of the crash, hardly any individual sound effects could be identified. Why does this happen only during convergences? It can't be the amount of players, there are plenty of metas with similar numbers that never have an issue. It could be that some kryptis mobs trigger more sounds more often than older mob types.
  7. It actually hasn't happened to me since, though I heard a lot of people complain about it during convergences since then. Weird that something apparently so prevalent doesn't get reported on the forums more. I guess it's true very few people use the forums. I have run some tests after it happened. Nothing out of the ordinary, and I didn't make any changes. No audio issues with any other software ever. The cause will remain a mystery for now.
  8. Learn something new every day. The lesson here is that I might now be making legendaries on my core only account. 😁
  9. It certainly was at some time. I can't find when this was changed, and I've owned every expansion since their release, so I have no personal experience with this issue. I can find this though on the wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Talk:Legendary_weapon#HoT_Stats_on_Accounts_without_HoT%3F I have no issue with locking anything new, and I mean anything, behind completing content. It adds to a game for me.
  10. Hasn't it always been the case that you can't use attributes for your legendaries from expansions you don't own? Why would it be different for relics?
  11. I had all the Mystic Aspects ready to make a 7th rune. I didn't have some of the other required stuff so it's been in my bank for a while. They will land me a tidy profit when I sell.
  12. I've started tossing out all the overflowing essences and just keeping all the rift and convergence reward containers. I'm not refining the stuff until I've seen the armors in-game. I don't want to spend thousands of ectoplasm when there's every chance I'll dislike the skins.
  13. If you can't do it every week, it's not a weekly thing. It's not a difficult concept. It's actually quite misleading. I hadn't read the event announcement before I read the achievements in the game, and assumed I could take my time with completing the meta achievement because being labeled as weekly, it implies there were multiple weeks to complete it.
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