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  1. Fishing sounds like the biggest treasure hunt ever, with 200+ fish to collect. Not my thing. Two person mount sounds cool. Probably one driver and one cannoneer. I used to love those turtles. Aurene legendaries, well... disappoing in its lack of variety.
  2. Basically, nothing old changed at all (unless I missed something) and the new achievements will just work even on the first playthrough.
  3. I don't even look at the skins. They're old skins. If I don't already have them, that's because I didn't want them when they came out. The 6 coins are pretty generous given how easy they are to earn.
  4. I was certain this was about the Caudecus fight before I clicked the thread. Such a messy fight... close quarters, lots of orange flashes, and when you're starting to deal with all of that, the walls start spinning. Woo!
  5. I did 10 succesful runs and got all the new achievements (I already had the old ones). I had 3 failed runs. The succesful ones were all public, the failed ones were all private.
  6. Lots of people will abandon this if there's no super desirable drop. It doesn't seem like there is one, unless I missed it or it hasn't dropped and/or been publicized yet.
  7. Interesting to read what was actually going on after all the silly unfounded hypothetical explanations people were posting all over at the time.
  8. Is yours still slumbering? There'll be a merchant (no idea when) that'll exchange it for a non-slumbering one, and that will go to the armory. If you have the full transcendence, it should go into the armory. If it doesn't, you'll have to contact support.
  9. I'm very happy I decided to prioritize armor, trinkets and runes when I decided to go for more legendaries as the armory was announced, because for those, the armory really is amazing. I have made some weapons over the years, but not enough for the armory to impact my account much so I can't comment on the issue people have with swapping weapons. That part doesn't sound good though.
  10. If you'd want me to play any content religiously, give me a drop chance for an infusion that would render any and all cosmetic infusions on other players invisible.
  11. I'm kinda surprised so many people share gear among different characters. Of course I've always known it was an option, I just can't be bothered. All my characters have their own gear and that includes infusions.
  12. It worked pretty well on my DH. Moving through the bug, back and forth, while using Whirling Wrath and some traps firing, you get a decent amount of damage through before it adjusts its facing. There are plenty of builds that would struggle more than the time allows for though, so a single player on that platform is generally a good chance for failure.
  13. A single week for the public version is a bit tight. Many players might not even get to try it. I thought ANet was done with temporary content years ago, but I guess they changed their minds.
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