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Skins locked by profession

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Is there any logical reason why this is a thing? There's pieces of armor that are the same skin in light, medium and heavy armor so you can't really say that it would break the theme of each armor type if they all share some of the same pieces But anyways just thought it would be cool to access everything in terms of just having more customization when it comes to fashion wars 2. Thanks


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    Once there was a point as it separated the looks of light/medium/heavy classes, but after the introduction of outfits... there really isnt any point, no.

    For example I am running my Asura mesmer in the dynamics suit (ie heavy armor look) because their light armor is meh. And I have been running my guard in the necro outfit so bare chest, kitten clamps and horse hooves, not exactly the heavy armor plated style.

    IMO it would have more fun with a meaningfull choice of armor regardless if class. Like specific boons for the type of armor you pick. Imagine getting the +25% run speed "free" in light armor? Or +10% toughness and vitality in heavy?

    Not the direction Anet choose though and its really pointless to change now too.

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    I’m going to second this simply because almost all light/heavy legging skins are bad imo, so very little choice.

    Thoguh I doubt this has a place in the PvP forums? This should probably be reallocated to discussion.

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