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Dive Master achi bug

for almost a year Ascalon Diving Point #3 is not registering in the collection no matter how many times I do it. I also confirmed in my guild tht I'm not the only one experiencing the issue? Can the devs look into that?


  • Loboling.5293Loboling.5293 Member ✭✭✭

    Just encountered this bug too.

  • Jwake.7013Jwake.7013 Member ✭✭✭

    I believe you have to jump very short where you just make it past the land into the water, or even hitting the land right past the cliff can trigger it. I do remember this taking a few attempts forever ago when I did it. (also don't remember if using the spin skills can mess it up or not, so I would avoid on that one)

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  • Shizit.1294Shizit.1294 Member
    edited November 23, 2018

    This is still bugged, could you please fix it? It's very annoying.

  • I really can't believe they don't care that much about old achievements anymore.

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