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  1. You've come to the right place to have that discussion.🙃
  2. Skyscale was one of the worst collections I've ever done in GW2. I support changes. Oddly enough, I had a lot of fun with the gryphon collection. There must be something they can do to improve it.
  3. All three classes have viable ways to enjoy all game modes. For ele, your greatest challenge will likely be PvP. In wvw they are fine for groups and excellent for roaming. They are very strong in PvE once you get the hang of it. Kind of hilariously fun once you get it down. As for PvP, you'll need to practice the longest, but I find my favorite playstyle with ele in PvP is staff support tempest. That's actually where their support build shines compared to the other two. So for PvP enjoy support tempest. For wvw roaming, your best bet is condi weaver For wvw
  4. When properly spec'd it cleanses 2 condies per pulse, so 10 per pulse if using in a large group. However, I agree that the skill could use a lower cooldown, along with a few staff skills. Or maybe it could cleanse 2 condies by default, able to get 3 spec'ing into water.
  5. I'm a real fan of this idea. I feel like untamed pet needs to be doing way more damage, but I'd accept a tradeoff of losing a pet for a more powerful version. Maybe even make it a grandmaster trait and shuffle out some of the terrible traits lingering in the tree. I think if a fully specced out pet did about 10k damage with all its skills on cooldown, we'd have a really solid PvE spec. Untamed would be dealing about 40k damage, with a large emphasis on pet damage compared to all other specs. The more I think about it, the more I like it. But I'd prefer to see it as a grandmaster t
  6. I'd like a shield spec where the ranger takes over the pets and gets their 3 skills and two extra skills by default. You basically merge with the pet like soulbeast, but instead it's your soul going into the beast. The utilities could be a lot like glyphs where it does one thing as the pet and another when unmerged. This spec could seriously buff the pet when merged, allowing the skills to be cast while moving, and finally give rangers a zerg-worthy spec. You basically become a nigh indestructible beast, bringing carnage and unmerging when you need to go on the defense. The shield would help b
  7. Yup, those were the days... Honestly, if daredevil wasn't so fun on release, I probably would've dropped thief from pvp, but I loved the rotation game so much, I just had to keep playing it... haha Then I learned to always double dodge into a point, once in and once out, anyway, when I did slip up, and get stuck in dragon maw, it was simply gg, no choice back then. Funny enough, it was PoF that got me to drop thief, not a fan of deadeye, and thief damage was down considerably. And while it still had amazing mobility, it wasn't as good of a sweeper. (At my skill level)
  8. I agree, thief was one of my three longest mains. Along with elementalist and engineer. Thief should have less disengage, but more fight potential. The thing I hated most as a thief main was getting one shot out of nowhere. Especially back when dragonhunter traps were completely busted. Walk into an empty point and blamo, you're downed. But the thing I hate most about fighting thieves is how they can always get away when they want. (Assuming they don't overcommit) For that reason, I only play classes now that can land some good cc at the right moment and try and preven
  9. Often people use target ally as the same as the confused reaction on the forums. As a way of invalidating another player. But like others have said, I still use it and it's even more useful for specter in a bloated fight to help retarget allies. But still, I focus allies as well to indicate a push and that we should follow them. It's not that great really and I'd prefer chat macro shortcuts for these things like in some other competitive games. F6-f8 (going home, going mid, going far, for instance)
  10. Wait wait... Are you suggesting steal be focused on its original design and not propped up by a million traits to make it do everything imaginable? Right now it can: deal damage, restore initiative, heal, cc, unlockable, boon rip, mobility, fury, might, stealth, condi. And maybe I'm missing some. I'd love for stolen skills to get big buffs and be more tied to the classes they steal from. And remove some of this bloat. But honestly, if I could change one thing about thief it wouldn't be changes to steal. I'd probably alter stealth in general, which would affect thief more than othe
  11. Unleaded skills for all weapons would make the spec lots of fun. But it would still need a bit it a damage boost in PvE. Even if it was just skills 3 & 5, I'd tap that. 😉 I actually see a lot of potential for untamed and I disagree with those asking for more pet skills. I think the untamed is supposed to be a way to standardize the pet and make more of them useful. I do think unleash pet needs to be more impactful, and untamed pet should do more damage in general, but the crux of my issue with untamed is the limited scope of impact the spec has with other weapons and how hard i
  12. I agree that something is needed to better indicate when the player is unleashed.
  13. This has been my desire as well. Its slow moving so it's not that much of a mobility skill, but it would help a lot for the fun of the spec and weapon. If gives you some breathing room when needed. I'd even be happy if to balance the skill, it added 5 seconds to the cooldown if you activate the second skill.
  14. I think conquest is very fun during high stakes metas. When a game can quickly turn on a dime over and over then it gets really fun, because what makes conquest fun are the rotations. Any meta that focuses on bunkers or mobile duelist has been a bit of a wash. If rotations don't matter, the whole game mode falls apart. And while of course rotations always matter, the mobility of classes and the sheer tankiness of some builds have sort of ruined the mode. (At least made it far less enjoyable) I have no comment on EOD meta, as I actually haven't even played a match yet. But that's mo
  15. I'd be very happy with new modes for ranked. I know the concern is splitting the PvP player base, but I think with more variety in modes, there would actually be more players. I barely PvP at all these days, mostly due to bad balance over many years, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't also because of playing the same mode for thousands of games gets a little stale.
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