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  1. I just want to clarify for anyone confused. I don't mean increase the required dailies from 4 to 10, but rather increase the pool of available. To be all of them each day. So players can direct themselves into areas they like. Some people prefer magumma? Find them daily and join up with them for activities. Some people love defending in wvw. There are different defense dailies now. Etc. Allow players to focus their attention on things they enjoy and make sure they all overlap, so groups can form for them.
  2. The vault is cool, but shared dailies is a core feature that made the old dailies significantly more enjoyable. I still think they need to unshackle the options and let players all have the same 10-20 dailies. Then players can choose how to complete them. And communities can form around specific tasks. GW2 is a social game, we don't need systems separating us artificially. The reward system is interesting, although I don't like how acclaim is deposited. But the system could use some big improvements that would really improve the dynamics within the community.
  3. Yes, the delay on pet skills is totally unacceptable. This reminds me of the Revenant class bug if your action bar switching up randomly, making it really hard to fight in combat until you get a chance to set it back. The pet is a core part of the ranger. The fact that they may not even cast the skill you tell them too means the pets need better training... Maybe they didn't like being kidnapped at such a young age... Anyway, I hope this gets fixed. It really makes the ranger feel less responsive to play. I'm glad I took a break from PvP, because this would make me tear my hair out in that mode. But I did find a workaround for those interested. Not 100% tested, but it seems to work so far. Press pet return before pressing your beast skill. They will immediately cast the skill.
  4. You want to play a power Herald with greatsword. (Revenant) You'll need to unlock weapon mastery and the elite spec. Enjoy.
  5. I've got it everyone! New proposed solution. Any dailies that are completed, but the reward hasn't been claimed, are auto-deposited at the end of the daily cycle. With this solution, the benefits of clicking on your dailies to manage your intake for not overcapping are kept. Also, the benefits of not worrying about losing on rewards you earned without going through additional steps in a menu that's laggier than the rest of the game are also brought in. At the end of every day, any rewards you didn't claim will auto deposit into your account. Same for weeklies every week. Let me know what everyone thinks.
  6. Core builds work just fine for some classes. I can personally attest that core power ele, while incredibly difficult to play is viable and lots of fun, and can be played as team damage. Core ranger is also viable as a roamer. Core guardian can play support. Core thief works as a roamer. Otherwise, all the other classes can play, but at reduced efficiency. I'd say the next one's with a chance are core rev and warrior. Mesmer and engie would be a bit of a gimmick and necro would be dog kitten. Still anything is possible in the game mode, just depends on your bracket. In silver and gold, all are viable if you're just having fun. But Mesmer, engie and necro start to fall off in gold. Rev and warrior is kind of similar. The rest can surely hit platinum with enough notice skill. So your options are ele, guardian, ranger, thief if you want to win. Rev, warrior if you want a chance. And Mesmer, necro, engie if you want a gimmick build to mess around with. Probably some good one shots for Mesmer and engie you could pull it off. Not sure how to build a core necro.
  7. I love staff, its the only weapon on ele I truly enjoy. I don't use it for open world, as it kind of sucks for that, but for pvp, its my weapon of choice. I use it for both zerker and support healer. Both work well for my playstyle. I'm worried a rework would remove the charm of the weapon, but I agree that some number changes would do a lot of good. Removing the meteor shower nerf, buffing fire skill 1, and honestly, I think the weapon is just fine. It really doesn't need much for it to feel good.
  8. I think most of the staff is good, but a few replacements and rehires would do wonders...😄
  9. Terrible decision to include this. I already hated boosts, and this is just another step. Shame.
  10. Or maybe a leap skill... If only there was just something, ANYTHING, this weapon had that was unique compared to other necro weapons. If only... 😜
  11. I think we need more projectile reflection in the game, but it should continue to bounce endlessly. The person who's shield breaks first gets the cumulative damage of all those bouncing ranged attacks. 😂
  12. For me HoT was an amazing expansion that had the only issues being short story and ruining PvP for 6 months. PoF was kind of weak, but Joko and Canach were hilarious and made me enjoy the story. It's really during IBS that things fell over for me, the focus on strikes, over open world was a big mistake. And EoD was just boring story. I'm not sure if their retention and player activity metrics would say EoD was best, but if so, maybe this game is just steering away from the type of content I enjoy. I'm fairly certain I would enjoy Soto if I played it, but there aren't any features I'm excited to get that are available right now. Looking forward to seeing what they do with the new weapons I paid for...
  13. I am likely done buying GW2 dlc. EoD was awful to the point I only recently finished it and now I'm lagging on starting the soto expansion, knowing it's incomplete and the main features I was excited for, new weapons, weapon mastery and new story is either incomplete or implemented in a way that doesn't allow me to fully enjoy it. I wish new weapons were available at low level for making a new character for this expansion. If I could've leveled new characters with weapons I've never used before, I'd have probably pushed forward and gone through this expansion. But my hype is non-existent. I feel zero problem with waiting until the story is released to finally play through it. Tldr Basically, EoD was damaging enough to my GW2 experience, that I'm not as invested anymore. And Soto feels like it lacks features to get me excited to play it. Using elite weapons with other specs would've only been enticing if I could make a new character and use them. (Ala mastery) I'm going to just wait until I'm ready to play to buy the next expansion, if at all.
  14. Balance is a very delicate thing. Which is why it's important to make over 100% changes to values between patches, to ensure people keep buying things off the gem store, as they will be tempted to reroll. Changes like this remind me of an old blue whale meme, but I won't mention which one.😂
  15. You can't expect anet to fully implement relics. They didn't have time, since they needed to rush out the expansion without most of its features complete. It would be unrealistic to expect a finished product for release. Be patient, if they ever feel like it, they may release some of the old runes back to us. Maybe if we're lucky as an additional dlc....🙃
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