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So you crafted accidentally too much of something

You have processed lots of ingots and planks. Then you go to click a component to a precursor that you only need one of but click craft all instead, crafting way too many of the item. What should you do next? Can't undo a mistake from autopilot mentality and rage builds that the game can't read your mind and now you got to file a ticket.

What do you do to calm yourself down and not cause a scene in chat box?

I tried breathing but given how quick autopilot and craft all option goes its a really shame there isn't an option to undo your last crafting error. :# :o :/ :'( :s


  • Can't really help with the "calm down" part, but you can always try opening a support ticket. There's been many case where Support will help with undoing a crafting mistake. Use the "Support" link at the top of the page and "Submit a Ticket". Fill in as much of the needed information as you have (required fields are marked with an asterick I believe) and explain your situation as clearly as possible. You should get an automated reply almost immediately in your personal email.

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    At least with planks and ingots , if you made too many you should be able to sell them for a small profit if you list them instead of sell immediately and put an order in for the base components you used. I try even in my mistakes to find a silver lining to the situation.

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    When you make x2 Raven Statues.


    Edit: Wow, did not know # made giant lettering.

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    Weird as it might sound I often find myself in situations where I can't think like that. I'm the first aider for my work which means I'm one of the first to deal with any injuries (and in my work that can be a lot more than a papercut or a burn from spilled coffee), but my job also involves a lot of problem solving, ASAP and at short notice.

    As a result I tend to default to "How can I fix this?" and only start to think about how I feel later on. (I'm aware of it of course, but I can't deal with it right away.) And by then the anger is mostly gone. Sometimes I go out and kick the wall or something or rant to someone about what happened, but that's usually it.

    That and, if it was something I did, thinking about why it went wrong and what I can do differently next time. Which doesn't always help, sometimes I don't know, sometimes what I think will help doesn't work next time. But I don't exactly choose to do it, I just find myself thinking about it.

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    As soon as you realise you've done it (i.e. when the game starts making the second one) hit that "Cancel" button! Sure, that only mitigates the damage, but if you're fast enough you'll be able to save most of it, or even ALL of the excess.

    I guess I'm saying "Don't craft on autopilot".

    @Biff.5312 said:
    Exercise your whimsy.

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